February 16, 2015

How to Make the Most Out of Your Day at the Event Production Show

Over 3,000 are due to attend the Event Production Show on Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th February, with organisers, speakers, promoters, salesmen, marketers all swarming the floors like bees to honey, waiting to hear the many industry experts share their advice and tips to the masses. With so much going on, we’ve listed a few ways to make the most of your day at The Event Production Show that’ll bring value and quality to your upcoming content.

Create Content
Content, content, content. It’s more important than ever, and sometimes it can be a little difficult to find inspiration. The Event Production Show is a wonderful place be a sponge and gather content by the lorry load. Here are a few ways you can generate content:

You couldn’t find a better place to make contact with speakers and possibly create interviews which can be used for blogs, social media, and if you have a podcast, it’ll be dynamite content.

Live posting
Posting live quotes and relevant information from speakers. Alternatively, you could prepare a blog in advance, with a few gaps left empty for those marvellous quotes you’ll undoubtedly get while at The Event Production Show.

After jotting down notes throughout the event, it would be great ammunition for a journal.

What’s my hype?
After mingling with others within the events and ticketing industry, you may not quite get a good feel for the hype you created. A simple way to keep your finger on the pulse would be to track your social media.

Growth doesn’t occur overnight, it’s a continuous process. The Event Production Show is the perfect place to mingle and network. The outcomes could include attracting new clients/customers, sourcing, compiling competitor data as well as recruiting.

Before the event, get a good idea of what you’d like to attend as well as who you’d like to talk to. Ensure you make time to speak to those you’ve listed and gather knowledge. Additionally, you could also follow the person or company on social medias. Try to follow up, make sure they remember you

Remember, this isnt a game of luck, have goals and objectives ready. The last thing you’d want is to leave uninformed.

Sharing is caring
A recommendation would be to have a group meeting of those who attended, to discuss what tips, useful information and stats were compiled. The information gathered can also be shared externally with your clients.

Download the Event Production Show app
This app will save you a lot of time. It gives you a full programme of what’s going on, the exhibitor list, exhibition floorplan, educational programme and visitor information. So be sure to plan ahead and have your agenda with you wherever you go! 

Of course, it’s important to create a process that works best for you, however, we recommend you do your homework and write questions relevant to your company. Take notes, voice recordings, photos and video wherever possible, they are welcomed additions to your company’s Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube and Instagram accounts. If you can, think of distribution channels to make the most of your information. Don’t limit yourself to traditional blogs to share content. Consider if the information could be useful for an infographic, future presentation or even a webinar.

Rajesh Jilka