October 19, 2015

How to master ticket phasing

Ticket phasing might sound a like a tricky business, but there’s really not much to it. By dividing ticket sales up into batches, or ‘phases’, you can target different types of customer and maximise your profits. Sound good? We think so too, so read on to get started.

Play hard to get

Everyone knows that if something seems difficult to get, people tend to want it more. Apply this knowledge to the first phase of your ticket sales by doing something to make them seem exclusive. This could mean putting on a ‘members only’ pre-sale, or asking people to sign up to your blog in exchange for VIP access.

Alternatively, you could use your social media savvy to come with something quirky. Why not tweet a series of puzzles that lead to a special code for buying special tickets? Just be sure not to make your riddles too difficult!


Catch the early birds

Selling early bird‘ tickets is a great way to get sales moving and build a buzz around your event. Release a batch of tickets that are discounted or that promise some attractive perks, but make sure these don’t overlap with any VIP packages you’re offering. Focus on giving guests something you’d want yourself  a free fridge magnet probably won’t have the sales-boosting effect you had in mind.


Seize the moment

If you’re organising a string of events, why not hold an exclusive sale on one of the legendary nights in question? Your target audience are before your very eyes, so take the opportunity and make some tickets available there and then. While your next event might not sell out on the night, there’s every chance that you’ll shift a few tickets and make a great head start on marketing.


Thinking about giving ticket phasing a go? Contact ticketscript for more information and some friendly advice.