December 10, 2014

How to offer guests promotional tickets through ticketscript

ticketscript is built as a very flexible platform, and this can sometimes mean there are multiple ways of doing a similar thing. Typically, which method you should choose depends on your exact goal. Here we look at what to do if you want to offer promotional tickets to certain people, alongside your paid/general sale tickets.

We are constantly undergoing development to our solution to help our clients #sellmore. Here is an overview of the new ways in which you can issue promotional tickets to your consumers. If you wish to pursue any of the below, just let your account manager know and they’ll help you get it set up.

The invitation tool

The invitation tool is the updated version of our guestlist tool. This enables you to invite specific people via email. Every designated invitee will receive an automatically-generated email, with a downloadable ticket unique to them – without the invitee having to accept or reject the invitation.

A nice feature about this tool is the bespoke creative and personalisation that can be used on the tickets, i.e. different to your standard paid tickets – also useful if different time/entrance details apply to your invitees.

Example use: Inviting press or VIP guests.

Free promotional ticket add-on

It is possible to offer free tickets simply within your standard ticketscript ticket shop, however there is a caveat – they can only be offered in combination with a paid ticket. In other words, the ticket buyer must still make a purchase but they can also include additional cost free tickets, depending on criteria you determine.

If you’d like to start using this function, please contact your account manager.

Example use: Allowing a paying adult to add free child tickets or a car park pass.

The registration channel

Alternatively, you can set up a whole ticketshop which only offers promotional tickets. If you use this you’ll have a link which anyone can use (i.e. you don’t need to know their details up front). When they “buy” through this kind of ticketshop, they won’t need to enter payment details, however, they’ll need to include their contact details to receive a ticket – basically it’s the same process as buying a ticket through the ticketshop without the payment page.

Like a normal ticketshop, the bonus of this channel is adding custom fields, something not possible with the invitation tool, allowing you to collect all kinds of data from the customer.

And what’s really great about this channel is you can automatically send out tickets or you can accept or decline each registration request. By having the latter option you have a lot more control over which people you’d like to attend your event, while allowing you to gain valuable customer information on those people interested in your event.

Example use: You want to allocate a certain number of promotional tickets, but don’t have your target guests’ personal contact information.

The barcode generator

The barcode generator lets you create as many barcodes as you’d like for the event and given ticket types. These are automatically valid once generated and are recognised by our entrance management software.

Example use: producing your own physical tickets

“On-the-fly” with ticket box office

The final method is a little different, as it’s an extension of our on-the-door sales solution ticket box office, as opposed to an online/advance booking option. We’ve built in the possibility to offer free promotional tickets in ticket box office.

Example use: Families with small children buying on the door.

– – – – –

So, should you require a means to offer a certain amount of promotional tickets to your events, there are the different options, which should cater for whatever your specific needs may be.

Remember, all methods of offering promotional tickets to customers will require assistance from ticketscript – please get in touch with your account manager to work out the right solution for you and how to get up and running.

Vassia Panaouta