March 14, 2013

How to use Facebook offers

Facebook has a relatively new offers option. This tool allows you to reward customers that like your page with discounts and offers. Every time someone claims your offer, a notification will appear on their friends’ timelines, spreading the word and giving you instant page promotion. Follow ticketscript’s guide to make use of Facebook offers.

1. Go to the ticketscript dashboard. Go to the event tab and click on the pencil icon next to the event where you would like to create a Facebook ticket offer for.

2. When you are in the event click on the tab “Tickets”. Make a new ticket, give the new ticket the name “Facebook page offer” for example. Give this ticket a lower price compared to your regular tickets. Click on the yellow button “Add”.

3. Click on the pencil icon next to your newly created Facebook offer ticket. Scroll down to “Allocation” and fill in the maximum number of Facebook offer tickets you would like to sell. At “maximum pers.” fill in one so only one person at the time can make use of your offer. This triggers more people to use your Facebook offer and therefore promote your event on your timeline.

4. Scroll down to “Promotion code” and select: “Always valid”. At description add something along the lines of: “Fill in your Facebook offer redemption code”. At promotion code you fill in the redemption code you would like people to use before they are able to buy the discounted tickets, for instance: “Facebook offer ticket”. Scroll down and click on the green button “Save”.

5. At “Onsale date and time” you can determine the dates when these tickets will be available in your ticketshop. Click on the green button “Save”.

6. Go to the “Sales Channels” tab and select which ticketshops you want to offer these tickets in. Click on “Save”. You can leave the ticketscript dashboard now.

7. Go to your Facebook fanpage. In the status bar, click on Offer, then Event.

8. Select Offer in the menu provided.

9. Choose the “Online” option.

10. You will have to fill in the URL of your ticketshop in question. You will also need to create a redemption code created in step 4.

11. Fill in all of the required information, including a picture and a description for your offer. Along the bottom of the information window there are several tabs that give you the opportunity to limit the number of claims available (Step 3) and set an expiration date (Step 5). Click on the blue highlighted numbers to edit the number of times the offer can be redeemed. Set an expiration date by clicking on the date and selecting a date in the calendar provided.

12. Click “Preview” to see how your offer will appear.

13. Click “Set Budget”. Select how much you want to pay, the higher your budget the more people will see the offer in their news feeds. Details of approximately how many people will see the offer is provided in this window next to the price. If you change your budget, Facebook will automatically adjust the estimated reach of the offer.

14. Click “Share” to complete your offer. A copy of the offer will be sent to you by email.
Your offer is now available to anybody who likes your page. When a customer clicks ‘Get Offer’ they will receive an email with the information contained. If you have provided an online redemption code this will be provided in this email. Every time somebody claims your offer, their friends will be notified via their timeline, offering you instant promotion with every offer claimed.

By Helen Whitcher