January 06, 2015

How to use the ticketscript registration channel

At ticketscript we like to make sure our ticketing solution is always evolving. We listen carefully to your feedback and develop our solution to fit in with your needs.

One of our more recent developments is the registration channel which we introduced a few months ago.

Here’s a walkthrough on how you can utilise this great new tool for your events –

  1. Make sure you’ve contacted your account manager to activate this channel. You can do this by logging into your account and on your dashboard homepage scrolling down to the ‘contact information’ box.
  2. Once this is turned on you can use the registration channel for your events. Edit your event in the ‘Event’ menu of your dashboard.
  3. In the ‘tickets’ sub-menu create a new ticket type, ideally something like ‘promotional ticket’, or ‘press ticket’, but it can be whatever you like!
  4. Make sure that you set this ticket as ‘Free’ using the checkbox. Click save.
  5. In the ‘Sales Channels’ sub-menu you’ll notice an additional sales channel called ‘New (registration)’, make sure that the new ticket you created in the above step is set to ‘On’. Make sure it is set to ‘Off’ in all other channels. Click ‘Save’.
  6. Your promotional ticket will now be available in the ‘New (registration)’ channel. The default system is to auto approve these tickets. This means you can share the link to this channel and people will be able to download the ticket freely. Alternatively you can opt to approve or decline requests for this promotional ticket. Follow the next steps to set this up.
  7. In the ‘Ticketshop’ menu click on the ‘layout’ option for the ‘New (registration)’ channel (the icon that looks like a pencil on paper).
  8. Navigate to the ‘Channel settings’ sub-menu. Scroll down and untick the box called ‘Auto-approve registrations’. Click save.
  9. Now when you send out a link to this channel customers will still be able to select the ticket, but rather than download straight away they will see a message stating that their request is being reviewed.
  10. To approve or decline a registration request navigate to the ‘Tools’ menu in the dashboard. The click on the ‘Registrations’ sub-menu.
  11. Select your event from the drop down menu and you’ll be presented with all the current registration data for your event.
  12. You’ll now be able to approve or decline requests by selecting the individual tickets and selecting an appropriate action whether it be accept or decline.

Whichever way you decide to use this registration function you’ll have the ability to see who exactly has received promotional tickets.This tool is a great way to build your database through promotional tickets as you can quickly generate lists of interested customers and using the accept/decline function control the number that ultimately receive your promotional tickets!

As usual if you have any questions with this, or other functionality please contact your account manager. Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest information about our solution.

Shane Mansfield