October 16, 2015

If your name’s not on the list…

Event entry used to mean turning up and handing a piece of crumpled paper to the door staff. Things have changed, however, and getting in now involves more beeps and clicks than a star wars marathon. Read on for a quick look at how new technology is revolutionising event entry.

Going digital

Many events are phasing out paper tickets. Guests receive everything they need via e-mail, then arrive at the door with their mobile (or theoretically their desktop…but we haven’t seen that yet).

Digital entry means that attendees don’t need to hunt for tickets they’ve left on the train, but make sure you have a few mobile chargers at the ready.


More marketing

Today’s event planners can easily link their ticket shops to a marketing campaign or social media platform of their choice. The internet has had an enormous impact on ticketing, but we reckon most planners don’t take full advantage of this connectivity when it comes to event entry. Why not add a few market research questions into the online purchasing process and offer personalised promotions at the door?


A tighter ship

Given the increasing popularity of digital tickets, it’s obvious that scanning devices play a huge role in event entry too. What might not be so obvious, however, is the effect that mobile scanning apps have had on event security. While event staff used to spend a lot of time double-checking tickets, organisers can now use Flow to detect fraudulent tickets in an instant.


Joining the dots

Multiple entrances used to be a headache for event organisers –  not so in hi-tech 2015. Planners can connect their iOS devices to a local network and have all the entry data they need in the palm of their hand. We don’t mean to brag, but our very own Flow has this feature too (is there anything it can’t do?).


Contact ticketscript to learn more about how new technology can make ticketing for your event a breeze.