December 21, 2012

Interview with Jay de Kleijn, IT Team Leader at ticketscript

Read the interview with our IT Team Leader Jay de Kleijn and learn more about his work for ticketscript. Jay is an IT Team Leader for ticketscript.

Jay de Kleijn is the IT teamleader at the headquarters of ticketscript in Amsterdam. Outside of work he spends time on his favorite hobby: event photography. For 8 years he has worked as a freelance photographer for various dance organisations and now he has numerous publications in magazines, newspapers and online media.

· You’re IT teamleader at ticketscript, what exactly does it involve?
I am responsible for the smooth cooperation between the IT team, the product users, and the various managers at ticketscript. The ticketscript IT team provides the software and the continued operation of the platform.

· What do you like most about your job as an IT teamleader?
Two things really stick out for me. First I like to be busy with the team and to ensure that people develop in their jobs. In addition, my job involves a lot of tasks and I am involved in everything IT related. One minute it means that I have to think like a customer and the other moment from the perspective of our management. The continuous switching makes this job very interesting.

· What do you think of ticketscript as an employer?
Due to event photography in my private life I was already connected to dance events so I had a lot of affinity with events already. I really like that at ticketscript I can combine this passion with my other passion, IT. In addition, ticketscript offers me the space to develop myself. The company is growing so “the sky is the limit” at ticketscript!

· Is the ticketscript IT department able to adapt quickly and why?
We have certainly proved that in the past year! We have converted our methods from the traditional waterfall method to the SCRUM methodology. This relatively new IT-methodology to develop software offers the opportunity to quickly respond to the constantly changing needs of the customer and the industry. We changed to SCRUM fast and smoothly.

· What qualities you need to be a successful IT teamleader?
Considerable perseverance. You should also inspire the people with whom you work. The IT industry is a world that is constantly in motion. By always being hungry to learn the newest techniques and the latest facts, I hope to be an example for my colleagues.

· Can you mention 3 things a photographer – except the camera – can’t do without?
Sufficient energy, because shooting in the dance scene is usually at night and you have to work long shifts. After photographing the event you’re not there yet. You still need to edit the photos. This is something that people often forget, but it’s really time consuming. Finally, good software for editing the photos is really a must have.

· Which event, where you’ve been a photographer, are most memorable?
Two events really jump to mind. Defqon.1 Festival 2005 on beach of Almere. This was the heyday of Hardstyle. This festival had a great production where everything down to the last detail was well organised. The organisation had arranged for us to have a crane from which we could shoot the pictures. I made some great pictures at this event. The second is a much smaller and more intimate party: Recorder in the Poema in Utrecht. I remember the crowd surfing people, the club was almost exploding.

· What does your life look like in 10 years?
Hopefully I’m still working in the IT and events industry. I also want to travel more, India and Indonesia are high on my list. Perhaps I am also working abroad.

Curious about Jay’s work as an event photographer, check out his Flickr profile.

By Shane Mansfield