October 18, 2012

Interview with Karsten Schlösser, Entrance Manager at ticketscript

Karsten is an Entrance Manager for ticketscript in Germany. He is based in Berlin and has a passion for live events and travelling. He has a wealth of knowledge regarding event management and is always on hand at the events he looks after with a friendly face and sound advice.

You’re an Entrance Manager at ticketscript, what does that mean exactly?
As an Entrance Manager at ticketscript I take full responsibility of all ticketscript customers regarding the various entrance types (access lists, handheld scanners, wireless entrance systems) and I am the contact person for any questions regarding the use of hardware & software – before and during the event. I am also responsible for ensuring that the required hardware is at the respective event in time.
I’m attending events by myself and sometimes even do the entire entrance management, construction of the ticketscript entrance hardware, software and briefing and training of the entrance staff/security. During the event I am constantly active, reacting to any issues, I handle the “problem tickets” (forgeries, non-readable barcodes due to bad prints or damage to the ticket) and support the entrance staff actively. Sometimes this means also scanning tickets by myself.

What do you like most about your job as an Entrance Manager at ticketscript?
I especially like the variety in my job. I am confronted with new people, new event concepts, new locations & venues, new entrance situations and demands, on a daily basis. Not only do I get to know new event organisers every day, but also the constructions of the venues, not forgetting of course the visitors!
I’m generally happy to be on the road, I also love travelling a lot in my private time. This preference is a must if someone wants to be an Entrance Manager.
What I like at ticketscript is that we are a young and very innovative company, we work with the latest technology and really have a great team.
I also appreciate that I can build up relationships with many of our event organisers over time. Some of our customers are more like friends than business contacts.

What qualities should you possess to be a successful Entrance Manager?
As an Entrance Manager you need to be absolutely flexible, you never know when you have free time for yourself and your phone is never quiet. In addition you must be willing to work when other people have free time (late in the evening, on weekends, x-mas & New Year’s Eve). You carry great responsibility and manage crises at the events via telephone/internet independently.
Good people skills, a love for communication, stress resistance, a safe and professional attitude and an openness for all kinds of events are essential to be a good Entrance Manager.

Do you have any general tips for event organisers on how to manage their entrance successfully?
The choice of the venue is always a top priority! Any event organiser should first of all ask himself the following question: Are there enough entrance and exit options for the number of expected visitors? It`s also important to think about special entrances for people with disabilities, separate fast lanes for VIP, press, partners, etc. The entrance is always the first impression for visitors to the event. Therefore, the selection of staff and a smooth flow of the entrance without unnecessary waiting for the visitor is so important.
The organiser needs absolutely trustworthy entrance staff. Many organisers underestimate the risk with cheap and untrained staff at the entrance. With counterfeit tickets a lot of money can be lost if not managed in a right way.

How far in advance should event organisers start organising their entrance?
The basic elements of entrance management must be already included as part of the location search & booking. I contact our clients around 1-2 weeks before the event (depending on the size and required hardware).

Which events will you attend in 2013 as a ticket buyer?
I’m really looking forward to all events I can visit as part of my work at ticketscript. Purely as a ticket buyer I will definitely attend the Horst Festival in my hometown Mönchengladbach and I hope I can go to the Roskilde Festival in Denmark next year.

By Shane Mansfield