March 25, 2015

Interview with ticketscript talks speaker: Peter Minkjan

Peter Minkjan will be talking at the first edition of ticketscript talks on the 7th April in our Amsterdam office. But who exactly is Peter anyway? What is it about social media that makes him tick? Well, let’s take a journey further down this page, as we take this opportunity to get to know him before his big talk!

Who is Peter Minkjan?
Peter lives in Amsterdam and is the founder of the Facebook marketing page Likeconomics. He is a speaker, trainer and consultant in the field of social media strategy. He began his career as a search engine marketing consultant, but since 2010 he has specialised in social media and all commercial opportunities offered by the platforms. He is currently working for RTL and the Beehive. Peter is also an active blogger and even wrote a book about Facebook marketing . Apart from that he takes pleasure in organising the Dutch Facebook Marketing Conference .

What brought about your passion for social media?
This passion began in the summer of 2010 when I was working at Spil Games (a global gaming company), where my first Facebook advertising campaigns were launched. I became fascinated by the potential of its network capabilities and the impact it had on people’s lives. That fascination has only grown further in recent years.

Can you give an example of a campaign that was very successful in your eyes ? And why?
To me, the interesting part is seeing how new media titles quickly capture a place in the media landscape, less so a particular campaign. On an international level things like BuzzFeed, Vice and Upworthy spring to my mind. In the Netherlands you can also see media such as Upcoming, Froot, News and Linda which have become huge in a very short amount of time. This growth has mainly been due to very clever use of social media. Any brand is capable of using the techniques they use and I will demonstrate this in my presentation at ticketscript talks.

Does every event organisation need a social media strategy?
Social media is a part of almost everyone’s daily life, including ticket buyers. Social media is a very good way to spread your message. It’s important to think about the overall content strategy and when doing so to consider incorporating Facebook, Twitter , Instagram and on the rise chat apps like WhatsApp.

In your opinion, what’s the first step to take to create an effective social media strategy?
Think carefully about your message and your audience. Translate this message for your content, and then see how you can use social media to share that content. Social media is a means, not an end. Without a proper foundation you’ll just keep on shooting blanks.

Which tools should be used when using Facebook commercially?
Most brands should be fine using free tools on Facebook, such as: Business Manager (handy for access), Power Editor (useful for advertising ) and Interest Lists (useful for content discovery). Tweetdeck or Hootsuite are best left for Twitter. However, once you’ve reached your limits with the free tools then you should start thinking about paid ones, but not before you try these!

What’s your golden tip in creating successful Facebook content?
Good content should meet several key conditions: it generates a certain emotion, supports self-expression, is of practical value and is well timed. When one or more of these conditions are fulfilled it may go viral, but not always. Sometimes you simply need a little luck. I will elaborate on this further in my presentation.

Can you give an example of things you shouldn’t do on Facebook, but which you often see happening?
A lot of content that is shared is purely commercial, for example, ‘Buy my tickets.’ A commercial approach works, but only to a certain extent. There’s way more possibilities when using Facebook in a smart way.

Any last words you’d like to share with the event organisers about social media?
View my presentation at ticketscript talks!

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