November 21, 2013

Introducing The New ticketscript Dashboard

We’ve been through some changes recently. Following the September launch of our new look website and our promise to help you #sellmore, we\’re delighted to announce our new dashboard.

Let’s start with a biology lesson.

When a caterpillar egg hatches, the caterpillar eats both its own eggshell and the leaf the egg was laid on. It takes a break to shed its skin before resuming its rapid growth and strictly leaf-only diet. Once fattened up, the caterpillar spins a silk cocoon from which it eventually changes into a pupa. The pupa has no eyes, antennae or legs but, inside, something of a miracle is occurring. Four weeks after the egg first hatched, the metamorphosis completes. The pupa’s shell bursts open and a bright, graceful butterfly emerges. Full of colour, it dances off in the sunlight to pollinate a whole world of different flowers.

You might wonder what on earth this has to do with selling tickets.

Well, if you allow us the poetic license, we’re a bit like a butterfly at the moment. We’ve shed our old interface, re-appeared with a dazzling new dashboard and it’s now time for us to pollinate the world of events with more ticket sales than ever. (In hindsight, forcing the team behind the work to eat just leaves for four weeks may have been unnecessary.)

Now, if you’re insisting on plain-English, let’s talk practically…

A Fresh Look

All of the original functionality is still in there, but you’ll notice a thorough refresh of the look and feel of the ticketscript dashboard and we’ve listened to your feedback to make it even simpler to use and get the data you need to #sellmore.

It’s not just a superficial change; we’re also creating new reports to help you analyse your events, attract bigger audiences and grow your business.

New Reporting Functionality

First of all, our ticket sales reports are now fully customisable meaning you can filter your reports by any number of reporting parameters – take a look in your dashboard to try it out.

We’ve also launched a new report: the event comparison report. You can now measure and compare the on sale progress of any two events you’ve organised with us. This insight will allow you to estimate your outcome in terms of ticket sales, sales patterns, time it will take to sell out and how your marketing campaigns impact sales.

To access this new report go to the reporting section of the new dashboard and you will see the new compare button.

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” – Winston Churchill

OK, we wouldn’t say we’re perfect or anything, but this is just what Mr Churchill says… Keep an eye out for further developments as we continuously add new features and reports to help you analyse your events in the coming months.

If you’ve got any questions regarding your account or the new dashboard, please contact your account manager.

Download the PDF: Quick Start Guide to Going Live.

Or view the video: