February 19, 2014

Introducing the #sellmore reporting suite

Data is no longer the exclusive domain of the geek. Data helps us make sense of what we’re doing, it facilitates creativity and, above all, it drives results. In 2014, data is for everyone. That’s certainly what we believe, which is why we’re proud to introduce the ticketscript #sellmore reporting suite.

Our mission is to help you, the event organiser, sell more tickets, and that means being smart about how to do this. The suite of reporting tools we’ve built will deliver priceless intelligence that will help you understand more about your customers, their behaviour and how your activities are impacting on sales.

Watch the video about this and our other new offering now.

The suite consists of several components:


You know how many tickets you sell, of course, but do you know how many you *could* be selling? The Visits report will tell you how many people view your ticketshop over time and allow you to compare this to how many tickets are sold.

Observing that more people convert to a sale on certain days than others might tell you how to optimise your marketing, or if your conversion rates dips after a price hike, perhaps you need to bring the price back down?


Do you know where in the world your attendees are coming from? Down to city level, this feature will tell you not only where your ticket buyers are, but also the location of visits too. Analysing these numbers will reveal useful insights such as new regions you could target with your marketing or locations you could consider putting on new events in.

Let’s look at an example: consider that you notice a certain event’s ticketshop receives a large number of visits from a specific region, but very few of tickets are sold in that region. It could be that the act or the theme of the event is particularly popular in that region but, as the event is taking place midweek, potential attendees there are unable to make the journey. Now you can infer that, by putting on a similar event in the same location at a weekend, or a similar event in that region, you could tap into a whole new area of interest.


Understanding the devices your ticketshop visitors use will not only tell you about their general habits, it will tell you what technology you should be thinking about using. For example, if you see that a high, or increasing percentage, view the ticketshop via a mobile – it would probably be wise to optimise your site accordingly and make it responsive to mobile displays.


You put a huge amount of time, effort and resource into promoting your events, so you want to know what’s actually working. By telling you which web sources your visits and your ticket purchases are coming from, this feature will provide that insight. Should you spend more time promoting on Facebook or Twitter? You might have a bigger audience on one, but perhaps you get more ticketshop visits or sales through the other.

This data will allow you to close the loop on your promotional activities and indicate how to get the best return on investment for your efforts.

In-depth sales analysis

The final new report gives you the power to compare and contrast different sales patterns. You’ll be able to see clearly where sales spikes have occurred, compare sales trends year-on-year or from one event to another and assess what is working each time in terms of when to go on sale and when to ramp up promotions to sell more tickets.

ticketscript analytics connect

If you’re already a Google Analytics user, this new integration will feed ticketscript’s own data into a dashboard viewable in the Google Analytics platform. This will tie together behaviour around the ticketshop and your website, meaning you can see stats about which pages people view before hitting your ticketshop, which buttons they’re clicking in order to purchase tickets and a range of other attributes about the buying process. This all adds richer colour to your understanding of how your customers buy tickets and how you can sell more.


So, there you have it. We’re giving you a whole suite of powerful tools to help you better understand your business, your marketing and, crucially, how your customer thinks and acts. Take a look at our other huge release, the first truly mobile box office..

By Dominick Soar