April 05, 2016

Keep Event Partners Up to Date with the Shared Event Data Feature

Picture this: you are co-organising an event and your partner/sponsor wants to keep track of how things are going. And by things we mean ticket sales, of course! You obviously want to keep them updated, yet sharing your dashboard credentials might not feel appropriate. Fear not, we’ve just introduced the ‘Shared Event Data’ feature.

This new update will allow you to share the event sales statistics with whomever you choose to. However, these people will only have access to this single page. The rest of your dashboard will remain private so you don’t have to worry about confidential information landing in the wrong hands.

To find this feature:

  1. Login to the dashboard with your credentials
  2. Scroll down to the upcoming events section on the homepage. You will notice a new column/category: ‘Details.’
  3. Click on one of the graph icons. A new window will open with the usual graphics covering ticket sales and the statistics beneath it.
  4. On the top right you will find a ‘Share Page’ button. To enable it click the ON button. A new and independent link generates automatically.


Once you share the link with the appropriate partner, they will only see the event sales graph and statistics, nothing else. The partner won’t be able to navigate in your dashboard, as no other options or menus are even visible. The aim behind this new feature is to allow you to share sales data on a specific event, without compromising the rest of your information.

This new window contains a range of information that could be potentially relevant for a third party or associate, including the total ticket allocation of the event, the number of tickets sold so far, the registrations, the progress of the sales, how many invitations were created and the total revenue generated by the event. A full overview that will leave everyone informed and happy!

So what happens if you don’t wish to share this page anymore? Not a problem. You can disable the option by clicking the OFF button. Once you do that, the link will no longer exist. Even if your event partner has copied it or saved it somewhere, it just won’t work. It’s that easy. And in case you change your mind, you can switch the feature on and off as many times as you need to, creating new links each time.


Written by Marta Terrasa