July 18, 2013

Knowledge is power, data is knowledge

Hindsight is something that many event organisers wish they had. Maybe the ticket buyers didn’t have the expected demographic profile, maybe money was spent on the wrong marketing channels or the entrance management wasn’t as smooth as it could have been.

And now, with the summer events coming to end – the planning starts for the next cycle. It’s worth having a think about what data could be of use to assist with your marketing strategies and event management for the next season. What would really help you drive your next event? Demographics? Sales? Social habits?

ticketscript understands the more control an event organiser has, the more effective and successful they become. The good news for organisers looking for a way to manage their own data, control their own community, and grow their business is there’s a simple way of doing this – by using our free digital ticketing solution.

ticketscript has spent time asking event organisers what they really need. This has resulted in a simple to use suite of reports that provide event organisers with the information they need to become more successful.

The more you know about your ticket buyer, the better your marketing can be. This is especially important now – where traditional media consumption (particularly by the youth market) is on a steep decline, and the digital world is becoming even more fragmented.

The upside to understanding demographics and location, is that your advertising through social media can become incredibly targeted and therefore more effective and less wasteful. Facebook’s tools are particularly useful for homing in on your target audience, and their friends!

ticketscript provides this demographic data in the ‘User stats’ section of the dashboard. The user stats provide you with a great variety of information, which you can use to specifically plan your future marketing and promotion. By filtering the sales channels and ticket types, you can gain accurate insight about gender buying behaviour, age structure of your event or which cities and countries you need to have a greater focus on in terms of promotional strategy. In short, the user stats can help you tailor your marketing strategy and campaigns.

Understanding Sales
Knowing when tickets were bought, which sales channels were used and which promotion was most effective will stand you in great stead for the next event. You can work out the best on-sale period for tickets, which ticket types should be created, and how they were purchased to optimise sales channels.

All of this data can be found in the ‘Sales stats’ section of the dashboard. ticketscript also provides a summary of the last seven days sales, whenever you login. So that you can check their event is on track.

Data Management
Who actually looks after your data? If it’s in the hands of a traditional ticketing agent – you don’t get to manage what events are sold to your customers and when. If you don’t want rival events marketing to your ticket buyers – then you need to think about what is the best ticketing solution to ensure your business continues to prosper and grow.

With ticketscript you can use the ‘export data’ report to access all of the information of opted-in ticket buyers. This data belongs to you, the event organiser, and is available for your exclusive use. ticketscript is unique in that not only do event organisers get this data, they get to use it their way, and this is entirely unrestricted.

Entrance Data
After the relief of getting to event day (and hopefully a sell-out event), the thing that often creeps up on event organisers is making the customer experience as wonderful as possible. Nothing says misery like a long entrance queue – and with Twitter and Facebook – your customers’ misery can become a worldwide trend. Planning and review is crucial. Being able to look at the entrance data and assessing ticket entry volume and timings, peak entrance times and variations over days and other events that you run, enables you to plan your event entry management with greater accuracy and insight. ticketscript also provides a full entrance management solution. This means that alongside your data you’ll have the tools you need to get attendees into the event, whether it be a usb scanner, or full wireless entrance kit.

Google Analytics is your best friend. With people increasingly using mobile devices to access the internet – is your event site fit for purpose? Is it mobile or tablet ready? How many people accessed your site through their mobile devices? Were they Apple, Android, Windows or Blackberry? What development work needs to go in now to help improve your customer experience going forward?

People live through social media. It’s important to capture those who have been engaged with your campaign this year, loved the event and then to convert them into ticket buyers for next year. Early bird sales are a great way of capturing that post-event glow. Check your Twitter feeds, search by Facebook posts, hashtags and keywords – and start the dialogue with your consumer while they’re still engaged with your brand. The power of social is something you can’t underestimate. The average person has 130 friends on Facebook and 28% of these actively share content. You can quickly see that trusted endorsements are so much more powerful than an anonymous email featuring hundreds of events.

Enjoy real time 24/7 reporting
All the information provided by ticketscript is based on real-time statistics. You can plan a proactive marketing strategy to ensure the success of your event. Above all, you can access the Dashboard from anywhere and at any time, which allows you to make decisions on the spot when you need to.

So you know what info you need. But can you get it? Well that depends… If you can’t access this data from your current ticketing solution, then it’s worth making sure that hindsight doesn’t get the better of you again…

By Shane Mansfield