December 21, 2016

Last minute touches to a memorable Christmas day

Eeek! The last working week before we gorge our faces with too much turkey, ham and sweet treats… not to mention the bubbly! It’s an exciting time for all and a much-deserved break for you, the hardest working event organisers on the planet.

But we’re afraid to say that your skills will still be required on the 25th. Just a little 😉 Think of it as your official wind down and be content knowing that your Christmas celebrations will roll on without any unexpected surprises.


What’s the dress code?

This is an easy way to put everyone on the same page from the get-go. Have some fun with it and ask everyone to wear a cheesy Christmas sweater, or turn your day into a more formal occasion by making it black tie. It doesn’t really matter what route you take, but it sure is a great way to create some hilarious family photos.



Drinks on arrival

Once your guests have arrived looking the part, let’s get everyone a drink to take the edge off. Why not try your hand at whipping up a batch of eggnog or indulge in a round of Bellini’s for those who prefer bubbly. If you commence the day as the host-with-the-most, people will tend to look after themselves after that so you can get back to making sure your turkey isn’t overcooked.


Organised secret santa

Even if you’re buying presents for individuals in your family/friend group, it’s always a great idea to have a secret santa game that gets everyone involved and focused as a team. If you haven’t played it before, we can highly recommend a good out game of Yankee Swap (also known as White Elephant). Keep the present limit to a £5-£10er so it doesn’t break the bank and enjoy what unfolds for the next 30 minutes. Avoid doing a ‘Michael Scott’ and lay out the rules prior to Christmas Day. 


Best of… 2016

Sitting around the table with a plate of delicious food is what Christmas is all about right? Absolutely. It can also be a pretty good time to reflect on 2016 and all of the amazing things that took place over the past 12 months. How about going around the table and have everyone say what their favourite gig/festival was and why? Or maybe it’s your favourite holiday of the year? Choose a topic that is inclusive of everyone and use this time to actually learn a bit more about your loved ones.  You may even pick up a few good tips for 2017 😉