December 28, 2016

Last Minute Touches to Make a Smashing NYE Party

So, you’ve arranged the venue, you’ve organised the music and entertainment, you’ve done all of your marketing and promotions and (hopefully) sold all of your tickets… but what final touches can you add to ensure your event is a great experience?  We at ticketscript have come up with some last minute ideas to start off the new year with a bang.

1) Firstly, make sure you download and use ticketscript’s app, Flow, to ensure a smooth and fast entry for all your guests. It’s freezing outside so be sure to minimise the discomfort of your guests and get them through the doors as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Find out more about flow and download for iOS and Android now.


2) If you have a garden, patio or any kind of outside area, open it up to create more space. Use candles to make it cosy, and potentially incense sticks to help eliminate the smell of the smokers. Oh and it’s likely a little chilly so some gas heaters would work well.


3) Create some specially themed house punch. Maybe a ‘Post Christmas Detox’ punch vs a ‘Been Partying All Week’ punch. The ‘Post Christmas Detox’ being relatively sweet, think Malibu/Archers with exotic fruits, and the ‘Been Partying All Week’ punch being dark and strong, think Bourbon/Whiskey with Irn-Bru and cold coffee.  Or perhaps a New Year’s Resolution punch, AKA a glass of water as the clock strikes midnight. Well… we’ll see if this one catches on.


3) Indoor fireworks?

Or not….. Always nice to hand out a bunch of free sparklers (or glow sticks) for the countdown to midnight though.


4) Ask your guests to write down a prediction for 2017 and put them in a box, then get people to randomly pick a prediction from the box and read it aloud. The results could be hilarious. If it’s too loud and busy, you can post a few of the best on your Facebook page, naming the person to attract your guests to visit your page post event. You can even make this a yearly tradition, and save the predictions for the following year.


5) Finally, be sure to get a photographer to take plenty of photo’s. Encourage everybody to tag themselves and comment on your event’s Facebook page to create a community feel. Plus, this will entice your guests to revisit your page. Once there, you can interest them in attending future events.  


Whatever you do, have a great night and Happy New Year from all at ticketscript!