August 14, 2015

Let the music play: 5 steps to creating the perfect event playlist

So you’re hosting the event of the century (or at least that’s the plan anyway). You’ve covered everything: the venue’s booked, the catering is sorted and the ticketing’s all sewn up. But wait, what about the music? If you’ve got the budget, then a DJ or live band may be the easiest option. However, if you find yourself going it alone, here are our top 5 tips for creating a memorable event playlist.

  1. Know your audience

Is it a small, intimate professional gathering, or a crowd-pulling club night? Find out as much as you can about your guests. Look at other events they might be attending and search for related playlists to help you get inspired.


  1. It’s all in the mood

Think about the overall feel of your event and how you want people to talk about it afterwards. Do you want them to be reminiscing for weeks about those vintage tunes you pulled out? Or go home with a list of the latest new bands to look up?


  1. Timing is key

You’ll want different types of music for the different stages of your event, so try to plan accordingly. After all, it’s unlikely your guests will want to listen to Pitbull when they’re eating an elegant three-course meal – unless they’re Pitbull of course.


  1. Have a back up plan

Add double the songs you think you’ll need to allow for flexibility if one song clears the dancefloor. It’s worth creating multiple smaller playlists too to save constant searching and the dreaded silence between tracks.


  1. Let your attendees take the lead

Cleverly curating guest requests can be the key to success. It can double as a promotional opportunity too, particularly if you ask for requests to be submitted through social media. With a cleverly planned hashtag and a few retweets, people could be talking about your event for weeks afterwards.

Now that you’ve mastered your playlist, take control of your ticketing too and start creating your next event with ticketscript today.