October 17, 2013

Live from ADE 2013: On-Site Report

After months of anticipation (12, to be precise), the long-awaited Amsterdam Dance Event kicked off yesterday. With so much going on at the Festival, Conference AND the Playground on just the first day, we thought we’d take a breath and mull it all over. We’re learning a lot and it’s easy to get swept along without taking it all in.

Conference: Big data buzz

One topic in particular dominated the conference on the first day: how to create a successful, sustainable business using technology. It’s something that ticketscript is naturally very passionate about – it’s what we do.

A panel on big data showcased a great debate with some strong and varied views on data and who should own it. The majority accepted that artists and promoters do need a serious presence on the big social media networks to grow their business, even though data ownership is Spotify was flagged as a particular focus, with the streaming service develop a serious network of its own.

There was also talk about the importance of owning the data your business creates, such as customer and contact information, when building a business in the long-run. Third-party solutions can make things easier for us in the short term, but they often come with provisos which come back to bite us later.

Some other practical conference tips:

  • Ensure you double check the program to see which language the panels are in, or you could well find yourself stuck in a room for a very challenging hour.
  • Sharing your activities and insights on social media might sound obvious, but with the live feeds up on the walls of the conference venues it’s a particularly good way of raising your profile.
  • If you crave being unique, when you pick up your ADE bag, go out the front of the Felix Meritis and get it customised by the guys there for free.

Playground: ADE on a shoestring

Not all the ticketscript gang were lucky enough to get hold of a conference pass this year, so we sought out further options. Because the ADE Card costs only a measly €10 compared to a few hundred, you might not expect it to get you much. However, a couple of us gave it a go and have already found some great stuff to do.

Entry to loads of workshops, studios, exhibitions and talks along with extra little benefits like some Uber credit means you very quickly feel like you’ve got your money’s worth.

A particular highlight was the Sonos Studio, where the fantastic staff took our coats and bags, served us cold beers while showing us round and then let us build a speaker to take home with us. Refreshingly, at ADE freebies and great service aren’t reserved for the corporate attendees. 

Tip: Make sure you get your ADE Card in advance or early on the first day, they will sell out!

Festival: Ease yourself In

We wouldn’t feel responsible without a final word of warning. Despite the many temptations, it really is wise not to party too hard on the first night. We had a massive joint party with our partner Awakenings last night and let’s just say that this morning you could tell the difference between those who managed to pace themselves and those who got somewhat carried away.

As well as being more fit to enjoy yourself more at the weekend parties, feeling spritely on the weekdays means you’ll be more likely to grab some space early on and get some meetings underway in the Dylan Hotel and Felix Meritis.

By Dominick Soar