June 09, 2015

Make an app for your event in a snap!

By now, the impact technology has had on the world of events is pretty evident. Paper tickets have been replaced by e-tickets, traditional advertising has given way to social media, and flyers have become obsolete all with the introduction of mobile apps. You probably think building an app is easier said than done, but that’s not true nowadays. Within no time you can now create an app providing attendees with all the up to date information about your event, a layout of the venue, the line-up, tickets, times and more. So why not give it a go?

Tip: an app is also useful to gather data about your visitors and sponsors

Twoppy (from 149 euros per event)
This app includes real-time updates on timetables and line ups, interactive maps, and DJ/speakers biographies. In addition, visitors can leave feedback and ratings too. You can also gain insight as to where, when, how often and how long the app is used . This comes at a price of 149 euros. But then you have to get to work . However, the price can end up ranging between 349 and 999 euros dependent on what features you add to it.



AppMachine (from 39 per month)
Make your app using AppMachine’s building blocks within their online dashboard. Literally everything is customisable to suit you. Here’s a few of the things you can do:

  • Create a line up / timetable list
  • Add information about the location and parking spaces
  • Send updates and messages to users
  • Create an information page about the artists, speakers or participants .
  • Add a ticket buying button
  • Get insights about the usage of your app

All of this comes at a price of 39 euros per month. As I write, AppMachine are working on a cheaper option of 19 euros per month. For the true professionals they charge a price of 59 euros per month.


app machine

One of the things these apps can’t do is scan tickets. However, we a have solution for that with our entrance management app Flow. With Flow you can scan tickets with your mobile or directly from a list swipe. In addition, you can manage a guest list and check in invited guests directly from the guest list.

Download Flow here for iPhone and Android!