June 05, 2014

Make more money from your events with ticket sponsors

You may think selling tickets, or perhaps wangling a cut of the bar, are the only ways you’re going to make money from your event. In that case, it’s time to start thinking about sponsorship. We’ve a nifty little way you can raise some extra cash through a simple and attractive offering to potential sponsors.

If you’re worried that sponsorship sounds a bit serious for you, don’t be. This idea is open to *anyone* who sells tickets; not just the B2B events or larger B2C organisations with which you might have previously associated sponsorship.

It’s quite simple. What makes something valuable to sponsors? Eyeballs. What can you guarantee will be seen by every single person in attendance of your event? The ticket.

Conveniently, it just so happens that one of ticketscript’s features is the ability to design your own ticket. Of course, you may feel you’d like to keep that bit of branding for yourself. However, if you’re looking for additional means of bringing in money – it’s hassle-free for you and high-value for a sponsor to pay to brand it themselves.

So, mine your contacts or draw up a list of suitable companies, offer them a good rate (after all, your revenue for this was previously £0) and the proposition of some cheap, targeted advertising will be hard for any business to dismiss.

– – – – –

By Dominick Soar