November 29, 2011

Making the most of Facebook leading up to Christmas

Last year, Facebook officially became the most popular website visited on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Utilise the popularity of Facebook by promoting your events on your Facebook fan page leading up to the holiday period.

Below are some tips and tricks for promoting your events on Facebook.

  1. Customise your fan page
    Why not spread the festive cheer with your profile picture. Update your profile picture on your fan page with your Christmas or New Years eve event flyer. Fans see the flyer as soon as they visit your page and are made aware of your upcoming event.
  2. Promote ticket sales through your fan page
    It seems like a no brainer, but so many people forget to post on their fan page that tickets are available for their event right there on their Facebook page. So let your fans know when tickets go on sale by posting a link to your Facebook ticketshop.
  3. Schedule content
    Create a schedule of what content will be posted when. Don’t post everything at once, it is best to spread it out and keep your fans engaged right up to the event. 2- 5 posts per day are optimal and posts should contain 80 characters or less. Thursday and Friday’s are the best days to post and try experimenting with different times of the day to see what gets better engagement.
  4. Get snap happy
    Photos and videos get better fan engagement so get creative and take some interesting photos and videos to share with your fans.
  5. Offer your Facebook fans a Q jump
    Offer your Facebook fans a queue jump ticket if they purchase their ticket through Facebook. Getting inside as quickly as possible when those cold nights finally rock around will get you brownie points with your fans!

These simple tips and tricks will help to promote your event and maximum the power of Facebook over the festive season.