August 06, 2012

Making the most of Facebook targeting

Facebook have launched a new functionality that will greatly benefit event organisers. Page owners can now target posts based on age and gender where as previously posts could only be segmented in to location and language.

This is a great opportunity for ticketscript users, as you will now be able to effectively target your audience; using Facebook’s new post functionality in conjunction with the analysis of your ticket buyers from the ticketscript dashboard. This will enable you to increase ticket sales and have a greater understanding of who your target audience are. 

The ticketscript dashboard gives you 24/7 access to your real time sales. It analyses your ticket buyer data by gender, location and age amongst other things. When you team this insight with Facebook’s new service it will allow you to successfully promote your event to your key audience. You can then begin to create relevant content for your Facebook page targeting your audience demographic, developing more interest and getting consumers to interact with your page to form an online community. This information can also identify the gap in your audience allowing you to see if there is a big difference in the number of males and females/ages and then to target your marketing accordingly.

ticketscript’s dashboard allows you to control your sales and promotion it’s simple to use and can break down your ticket buyer’s information into easy sections. Facebook’s new functionality is granting you greater control over your Facebook page, allowing you to target your Facebook campaign towards your ticketscript ticket buyers to boost sales and create engaging content with your target audience.