July 05, 2013

Making The Most Out of Your Ticket Sales

With your event fast approaching, it\’s time to start thinking about when to take your tickets off-sale. The Dashboard allows you to specify the sale duration for each ticket type. Just login and follow these steps:


  • Click on the ‘Events’ tab on the main toolbar.
  • Select the ‘edit’ button (the pencil) of event you would like to manage the ticket sale timings and dates.
  • Once in the edit section of your event, click on the ‘Tickets’ tab.
  • In the ‘Onsale date and time’ section, click on the ‘onsale’ field. A drop-down menu will appear where you can set the onsale period of all your ticket types.
  • The system is set up to automatically stop ticket sales 2 hours before the event start time. If you like to change this time, you will have to do it manually using this section.

To make the most of your ticket sales, we recommend you leave your tickets onsale for as long as possible; however, there are some important things to consider before making this decision:

  • If you’re managing entry via a physical entrance list, you will need to stop ticket sales before you print the list out in order to avoid any confusion at the door due to last-minute ticket sales which won’t appear on the list. If however have internet connection, you can keep selling your tickets as the information will appear in the Dashboard.
  • If you’re managing entry with scanners, ticket sales will be synchronised with the entrance software and will appear on the ticket list as long as you are connected to the internet.

If you are selling tickets both online and at the door, we recommend that you price your door tickets at a higher price than your online tickets. Make sure you inform your ticket buyers. It’s actually more beneficial to have your attendees purchase tickets via the online ticketshop since you’ll be able to collect valuable customer information this way which can be used for future marketing activity.

One way of incentivising your attendees to purchase tickets from your online ticketshop is by selling the online tickets at a reduced price and promote this fact. You can even include this information on the ticket to stimulate word-of-mouth promotion.

The most important thing to remember is you need to find the right solution for your event! By not taking your tickets off-sale, you maximise every opportunity.

By Vassia Panaouta