January 22, 2015

Manage your entrance, with Flow our new (and free!) app

Entrance Management is one aspect an event organiser may dread, and understandably so. That uneasy feeling you get as you look at your queue growing and the numbers filtering into your event slows – especially if it’s your first event – can be a worrisome.

Well, we’ve got exciting news that’ll make that feeling disappear instantly! Entry at your next event will be as easy as one swipe, with Flow – our new, free entrance management app.

Flow makes your entrance management seamless, quick and stress-free by helping you manage your queues, even reducing them. The great thing this all this can be done without the need to invest in any external equipment – you just need an iOS or Android device, like your smartphone or tablet!

Flow allows you to monitor your event attendance at any time with a real-time overview of your ticket entry scans, and let’s you manage your guestlist too. With iOS or Android devices, you can sync these together over a local network to create multiple entrances at your event. And with the iPad version of the app, use the split screen function to have both the scan and list view options available on one screen.

You can log into Flow, simply by using your entrance manager software details found in your Dashboard and the app automatically selects your next event (with an option to upload tickets for other upcoming events).

Once synchronised to your event, you can scan barcodes using the camera on your smartphone or tablet, or simply search for a ticket buyer’s name or ticket number, and swipe them off the list. One of the great things about Flow is it detects fraudulent and duplicate tickets, so you can rest easy about the security of your event.

And most importantly, Flow syncs automatically with your ticketscript Dashboard, ensuring you’ll never have to take your event off sale.

The key features include:

  • Scan ticket barcodes with the camera of your smartphone and/or tablet or simply swipe attendees through
  • Fast, reliable scanning helps you manage your queues plus it detects fraudulent and duplicate tickets
  • Allows you the manage your guestlist
  • Connect multiple devices over a local network and synchronise scanning to create multiple entrances at your event (iOS only)
  • Full visibility of all ticket buyers, which is is divided into two tabs: unscanned and scanned.
  • Analysis on the homepage display with the overview real-time data of scanned tickets
  • Syncs with the ticketscript dashboard, so you never have to take your event off sale
  • Collect valuable insight for evaluating your event and perfect your entrance management for your next event

Go with the Flow and enjoy a hassle-free entrance management. For more info about using Flow at your event, contact your account or entrance manager.

Flow is available in English, Dutch, German and Spanish. Download now from the App Store and Google Play.

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