April 11, 2013

Maximizing Audience Insight

Feedback can be enlightening and extremely valuable to planning future events. Maximizing audience insight not only helps you understand where your event can be improved, but also bring to light aspects that your ticket buyers enjoy the most. All of this invaluable feedback is vital to help develop your event to be become more successful in the future. Here are some ways that you can gain audience insight.

Questions To Ask

What information do you need from your customers? What are your objectives? Here are some useful questions that will help gather as much information as possible, helping you to forward plan your next event.

  • “Who would you like to see perform at our next event?” This will give you a list of possible future performers. Explore the possibility of booking these requested performers.
  • “What would you change about our event?” Analyse the feedback and correct all major and recurring problems.
  • “Why do enjoy coming to our event?” Discovering what works about your event will help you make any future events as enjoyable as possible for your ticket buyers.

Online Questionnaires

There are a wealth of online questionnaire services available, for example Survey Monkey, Kwik Surveys and Free Online Surveys. These websites allow you to design your own feedback form to address certain questions you may have. Providing an open comment box at the end of your form will allow customers to leave any other comments, you may find you have an issue you have not thought of.

Use Your Ticketshop To Gather Feedback

You can also use your ticketshop to gather useful information. Custom forms allow you to add questions with tick box or text answers about what your customers think of your event. This option is extremely useful for exploring why your customers enjoy your event, giving you a solid set of reusable qualities you know will continue to draw in customers. To use custom forms, follow the following steps.

  • Log in to your dashboard and click on the Ticketshop tab.
  • Select the first blue icon to the right of your ticketshop, taking you to the layout page, and on the Custom Form tab.
  • This page allows you to make the customers full address mandatory. To activate this, check the tick box to the right of ‘Request full address’.
  • Adding fields allows you to add questions to your ticket purchase process. You can also make them mandatory by checking the corresponding tick box.
  • To add a field, select either Text Field (replies will take place with text) or Selection Field (ticket box replies).
  • Input your question into the label box and click Save. The question will now appear in your ticketshop. Any data collected can be viewed through your Reports tab in your dashboard.
  • REMEMBER! Duplicate questions on each individual ticketshop. For example, if you are using a Facebook ticketshop, you will need to copy across the questions into that ticketshop channel.

Direct Contact

Make it easy for your ticket buyers to get in touch with you. Have an easy to see email address on your website and Twitter information area. Ensure that your Facebook page and any event pages you create have all of your contact information in the ‘About’ area. Encourage your customers to use these communication lines to get in touch if they have any problems or questions.

Send out feedback emails. Your ticketscript dashboard comes equipped with a reports are, where you can gather ticket buyers email addresses and a host of other information. Use this information to send out your feedback request emails.

Social Media Feedback

Social media is an easy way to gather opinion and response to questions and issues regarding your event. Post a question as a Facebook status and the comment feed will become an instant feedback form, promoting conversation on the subject. Tweet questions to your audience, asking them what they would like to see at the next event.

What To Do With Feedback Information

Chart feedback and log all comments from your ticket buyers. Doing this will allow you to analyse where your event can be improved, along with areas where your event is working well. Dealing with and reacting to problems and complaints immediately will install faith in your company.

Taking on your ticket buyers comments will help develop your event into a more customer friendly affair. You can make improvements and get new ideas for activities through gathering feedback and dealing with recurring problems.

By Helen Whitcher