January 06, 2015

Meet the newest members of our IT team

ticketscript is growing fast – almost every week we’re welcoming new colleagues throughout our European territories. One of the cornerstones of ticketscript’s growth is innovative features that allow event organisers to #sellmore tickets. We have the best programmers, and we’re happy to introduce the newest members of the ticketscript family, back-end developer Ruslan from Estonia and Dev-Ops developer Silviu from Romania.

Can you tell me something about yourself and your arrival to The Netherlands?

Ruslan: Three years ago, just after my student days, I moved to The Netherlands from Estonia. I was looking for a new challenge, and a new life in another country seemed interesting. I soon found out that Amsterdam was the place to be when it comes to high standards in the IT sector – and the quality of life is slightly better in The Netherlands than Estonia, which was a big plus.

With a degree in Technical Programming and vast freelance experience, along with his backpack, Ruslan bought a one-way ticket to Amsterdam, which he says was the beginning of his most informative and adventurous period.

Silviu: For me, this is a bit less spectacular. I had no intention to move to The Netherlands. My friend got a work offer in Maastricht, and I followed her over. I first tried to find my way in the south of The Netherlands, but it didn’t go smoothly; so after two years, I decided to get a job in Amsterdam. With a degree in Mechanical Engineering and experience as an entrepreneur in the IT sector, it wasn’t difficult to find work here. With a number of small steps, I ended up where I am now: working as Dev-Ops developer at ticketscript!

So what exactly do you do at ticketscript?

Ruslan: I work as a back-end developer, which basically means I constantly improve our product by building new features for our customers. Actually, I sit all day behind two large screens filled with codes. Like a puzzle, I add together the codes. In short, I create and customise tools and improve the system for our customers!

Silviu: I take care of the infrastructure. I’m constantly problem-solving and I ensure that all digital paths are connected, so that our customers and ticket buyers can use the system with ease

What are you currently working on?

Ruslan: We’ve been working hard to move to current system to the cloud. Our system operated from a physical location with servers and a lot of hardware. We recently moved the system to digital, and the change means we no longer need to purchase additional hardware or physical space – we just buy extra digital space.

What do you like best about working at ticketscript?

Silviu: It’s an exciting time for ticketscript, especially with the growth and expansion. However, as programmers we face challenges ahead, such as streamlining the system for the future. Oh, and working with Ruslan is a daily challenge too, haha!

Ruslan: I second Silviu’s thoughts. The growth of ticketscript calls for new features and improving the current capabilities of the system. This is a huge challenge that I’m going to learn a lot from. In addition, I enjoy every day of the unique view from our office!

Finally, Why is The Netherlands the best city to live in? What do you miss about Eastern Europe?

Ruslan: Amsterdam is a perfect place to live. Life here is more energetic than in Eastern Europe. The quaintness and open-mindedness of Amsterdam makes the difference. In Eastern Europe, the towns are much greyer and the people subdued. Of course I miss my friends, family and food. The food I really miss. My favorite dish is borsch soup – I eat tons of it every time I go back home!

Silviu: I’ve only recently moved to Amsterdam, and I can already say that it’s a great. I previously lived in Maastricht, and I’m glad I made the move. Of course I miss my friends and family, but I visit often enough.

Would you like to be part of our fast-growing team here at ticketscript? Check out our vacancies for any openings.

Raj Jilka