March 27, 2012

Mobile ticketing explained – Opportunities for event organisers

Mobile ticketing is the process whereby customers can order, pay for and receive tickets from any location and at any time using their mobile phones. It allows ticket buyers to purchase event tickets quick and easily without needing to use a computer or a printer, or wait for a hard copy ticket to be sent via the post.

A mobile ticketshop is a mobile optimised ticketshop, that scales to the screen size of a mobile phone and has less steps to purchase tickets than traditional web ticketshops. Making it extremely easy to purchase event tickets anywhere at any time – quickly. It also allows people to make last minute decisions to attend events, as m-tickets can be purchased and delivered in minutes.

Mobile tickets (m-tickets) include a 2D barcode which is displayed on the mobile phone and is scanned on entry to the event. Once scanned and validated the m-ticket becomes invalid so it can not be used more than once.

Benefits of mobile ticketing for event organisers

  • Risk of fraud reduced as each m-ticket has a unique barcode which can only be scanned once and SMS messages with m-tickets can not be forwarded
  • No reselling of tickets
  • Advance tickets can stay on sale for longer as m-tickets can be purchased right up to and in some cases, during the event as they are delivered instantly and there is no need for a printer
  • No distribution costs
  • Automatic capture of customer’s mobile numbers which can be used for future SMS marketing campaigns

Benefits of mobile ticketing for ticket buyers

  • There is no need to wait for delivery of hard copy tickets in the mail or even the need for a printer to print out e-ticketsm-tickets can be purchased and delivered in minutes straight to ticket buyer’s mobile phones
  • Quick and easy to purchase event tickets
  • Tickets can be purchased any time from anywhere
  • Last minute ticket purchases are possible, so people can be more spontaneous
  • Quick admission into events, m-ticket scanned on entry – no paying cash at the door
  • Low risk of loosing or forgetting tickets – as no-one leaves home without their mobile phone