March 03, 2015

Monitor Your Event Using Social Media

The festival and outdoor events season is about to begin. This means a stream of visitors coming to your event and communication galore thanks to social media. It\’s a good time to acknowledge social media\’s value as a tool that helps you understand your audience, create conversation and learn what content delivers results.

Monitor Perception and Safety
Before, during and after your event, social media can be optimally used to monitor, evaluate and communicate with your visitors. You can gain insights into what their expectations are and how to improve future events. Your visitors have a voice, and will have no problem demonstrating this on your channels, so the next step is to ensure you respond in a friendly manner; one that is entertaining and understanding. We’ve all heard examples of how social media communication can be a little….controversial. Here are a few examples from Sainsbury’s and O2.

While you may prefer not to think about it, keep note, there’s always a chance of a crisis or problem arising. Social media allows you to monitor a situation and see what visitors say, think and feel about it. No communication spreads faster than on social media. You can easily bring visitors up to date with the latest happenings.

Converse With Your Audience
As an event organiser, you have a natural interest in your audience. Social media is the ideal avenue to start a conversation with them. We see social conversations before and after an event, however, there seems to be an eerie silence during the events. This is a missed opportunity, likewise, discussions with local residents could also reap benefits.

A tip: Remain active on social platforms before, during and after your event. Attempt to answer every question sent to you. As an organiser, this may be difficult. If the case, it may be a good idea to have a social team prepared for the occasion. It will help grow your community.

Provide Reliable and Fast Internet
You’ve probably heard it a million times, but this is the digital age. You need reliable and fast internet at your event. Not entirely for your visitors, but also for emergency services as well as to monitor social activity.

Investing in social media monitoring will increase your community and you’ll end up selling more tickets.

Here’s a list of tools, that will help you better understand your audience and the content they demand, without breaking your bank account. 

Bob Nagel