June 24, 2016

More than pretty pictures: How to use Instagram ads effectively

With 400 million monthly users and these numbers only increasing, Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most important social networks of today. Are you making the most of this channel to promote your event?

In case you haven’t seen one yourself yet, Instagram Ads look like any other post in your feed, except with a small label marking it as ‘sponsored’. This makes them extremely effective, because they are difficult to distinguish from other posts and feel very organic to your potential ticket-buyer.

So why not try it out for yourself! Follow our 5 simple tips to making the most of Instagram ads:


Choose memorable content

Firstly, you need to create a photo, video or design that will surprise and delight your audience. Keep the low quality pictures or videos away ! The quality of content on Instagram is fierce with amazing content curators and photographers having a big presence on the platform, so choose your content wisely and ensure you leave an impression.


Promote user content

Your event is a magnet of creativity for your users. Why don’t you encourage user generated content that you can then go and promote as a paid ad? Be sure to provide a shout out to the lucky user. Now, watch the enthusiasm grow with your followers!


Have a goal in mind

Instagram Ads can have several objectives: gain followers, likes or achieve a certain action from your audience. This is where you need to be smart with how you spend your budget. If you want to encourage ticket sales, is your call to action (i.e buy tickets now link) clear enough? Maybe your goal is to grow your community, so are you promoting content that is likely to encourage the viewer to tag friends? Bottom line is this: set a goal and adapt your content accordingly.


Create and manage your ads with ease

If you’re looking into Instagram ads then you’ll no doubt have tried your hand at Facebook advertising. Well we have good news! You can create your ad using Power Editor which hopefully makes things more familiar for you (find more info here). And for those of your always on the go, Facebook have the Ads Manager app which allows you to create, edit and manage your ads right from your mobile.


Test, measure and optimise

Which design/message works best with your audience? Should you use photos of your artists, the line-up or a video? It will be impossible to know until you try all options. Select the content that you think will fit best with your audience and test each one. Allow your audience to tell you what works and what doesn’t. Instagram, like Facebook, gives you accurate stats and reporting on the success of your ads so you can optimise your posts according to the audience reaction.


If you require additional help with Instagram advertising, The Social Media Examiner is a good source in social media marketing and has an extensive guide if you’re not particularly experienced.