February 28, 2015

New Facebook feature updates!

We have just released a host of new Facebook features to help increase your events social footprint. We have included all the Facebook promotional tools in this handy blog so you can make sure you are taking advantage of all of them!

First of all let’s look at the latest feature:

  • Direct likes from the ticketshop to your Facebook fan page

When someone buys a ticket you can easily get them to like your Facebook fan page (if they haven’t already liked it). Although ticket buyers have always been able to like your page this helps increase that engagement. This also means that when someone likes your event it will be pushed to their timeline and visible to their friends.

To use this feature go to your ticketscript dashboard and access the event. Then go to your ‘promotion’ menu and you’ll notice an additional field in the Facebook section that says ‘Choose where your facebook like button refers to’ and a box to insert the relevant Fanpage URL. Hit save and you’re all set!


Here’s the next new feature: 

  • Facebook event attending

In the ticketscript dashboard promotion tab you will be able to connect your event to your Facebook event page. This will allow your ticket buyers to see who is attending your event, and RSVP to the event as well. This feature presents itself when ticket buyers get to the ‘Tickets’ page on your ticketshop. This will add extra incentive to share the event and increase engagement with your Facebook event page.

To enable this feature make sure you’ve connected your ticketscript account to the Facebook page that features the event you’d like to promote. It will then be present in a dropdown menu on the ‘promotion’ page.


And let’s not forget all the existing features:

  • Facebook ticketshop

The first and still the best integrated ticketshop available on Facebook. ticketscript is proud to have set the benchmark regarding ticket sales on Facebook. Many companies have emulated our approach, but none can offer the ease and level of integration provided by ticketscript.

Simply navigate to the ‘Connect’ menu found in ‘Settings’ and you’ll see a Facebook connect button. Push it to start selling your tickets to your audience on Facebook.

  • Send promotional message to your Facebook fan page

From the comfort of your ticketscript account you can send messages directly to your Facebook fan page. Navigate to the ‘Events’ menu, select your event, and then go to the ‘Promotion’ tab. Here you’ll see another Facebook connect button (unless you’re already connected), put in your message and send.

It’s that easy and it’s a great way to notify your customers if you’ve put a new event on sale, or new wave of tickets.

  • Ticketshop share buttons

The most reliable way of getting your event shared is to make sure people can share your event. Every page of the ticketshop contains social share buttons so your ticket buyer can share your event at any stage of the purchase journey.

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By Shane Mansfield