March 15, 2016

New Product Features to Help with Your Festival in 2016

With spring just around the corner we’re all starting to get excited for the forthcoming festival season over summer 2016. We know things are starting to ramp up for our festival organisers so it seems like a good time to share a few recent product/feature updates. These new features will make your job a little easier when it comes to crunch time so you can focus on the creative elements of your festival.

Flow Ticket Sales

Our trusty app Flow, which enables entrance management staff to turn any smartphone or tablet device into a mobile scanner, can now provide live ticket sales data from within the app.

Ticket sales stats are available for all active events and you can view these in simple graph or table form whilst simultaneously using Flow to scan attendees into your event. For those after more detail, sales data is available for the previous seven days. And don’t worry, if you have entrance staff working that you’d rather not share your sales data with you need to use your security pincode so that only approved personnel can access your live ticket sales data.

So, no more need to log into your dashboard if you’re after a snapshot of your ticket sales during your event. Simply select ‘Ticket sales’ in the Flow menu and sales data is at your fingertips. If you can’t remember your pincode, this can be found under the Tools section in your dashboard, right where your Flow credentials are.



ticketbox feature updates

ticketbox is now compatible with BOCA printers, the industry standard in hard-copy tickets. This means you can provide your customers with the best available hard copy tickets to your event so they can pin them to the fridge post event and remember the great experience you helped create. With options to connect to BOCA via WiFi, Bluetooth or USB connection you can use multiple ticketbox’s at any given time and still be connected to the printer.

If you have any questions about setting this up please contact your Account Manager.

You can also now collect more data on your customers who purchase tickets on the door via ticketbox. From age and gender, to phone number and email address, you can build up your customer insights and leverage this data post event. To set up this feature simply head into Advanced settings and turn this feature ON. After enabling the feature you might begin your event by collecting all available customer data. Once your entrance becomes busier, you can, for example, collect visitors ‘age’ only to speed up your entry yet still collect some data. Alternatively you can switch data collection OFF.

device-2016-03-04-124612 (1)


Wristband mode – Flow

For those event organisers operating multiple day events using the ‘all days’ ticket option, you can now mark these tickets in the dashboard as ‘wristband’ so that when their ticket is scanned by Flow at your entrance, a wristband or badge can be issued to the ticket holder and used for the entirety of your event. The scanning personnel or Entrance Management Co-ordinator will see a wristband icon next to the ticket once it’s scanned and this is their indication to issue the wristband.

If the ticket is scanned on the following day, the entrance management staff will be alerted that the ticket holder should have a wristband on that they can physically check which will help in preventing any fraudulent behaviour.

To set this feature up, simply mark a ticket as “wristband” in the dashboard and Flow will pick it up automatically, no extra set up from Flow side is needed.

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