January 04, 2017

New Year’s resolutions to kickstart your year

New year, new beginnings! Welcome to 2017. We’re very excited to kick off the new year and what better way to commence things than with some event enhancing New Year’s resolutions. Okay, so eating less chocolate and reading a book a week are on our list too, but we’re going to focus on growing your revenue and selling out your events across the board!

Focus on the data

We’ll bang on about this until the cows come home as we know first hand just how important this is to growing your business. We’re always here to lend a hand in the analysis and application of data, so please contact your Account Manager at any stage should you require assistance. However, if you’d like to dive into the numbers yourself, it’s a great way to gain a better understanding of your customers and discover how the information at your fingertips can assist you in making smarter decisions to increase sales and revenue. Check out our blog on Using data effectively to increase ticket sales.


Don’t let them get away without a ticket

Maybe a potential customer has visited your website and started the purchasing process but never quite made it all the way to checkout. I think we can all agree that one thing is for sure, this person is very interested in your event. With remarketing you can send a tailored ad to this individual as a friendly reminder to complete the purchase. Genius huh!? Read our blog on setting up remarketing now to ensure you’re maximising ticket sales and gaining the highest ROI on marketing expenditure.


Ensure your social strategy is on point

The world of social media is essential to promoting your event and moving tickets. It can, however, be easy to become lazy with your approach to social media and lose that engagement with your audience if you’re not thinking your strategy through. With an abundance of content and advertising taking place across social media platforms, you need to create a strategy that is unique to your event and will strike an emotive connection with your audience. Luckily for you, we spoke with a social media expert who has helped sell out some of the UK’s top festivals and was kind enough to share some of his secrets. Find out more here.


Don’t forget about event entrance

Once you’ve sold out your event, celebrate! Have a drink with colleagues as you’ve just achieved something great. However, it’s not over yet. Keeping your attendees happy once event day arrives, begins with their first impression of the onsite experience; event entrance. Say hello to Flow, our award winning entrance management app that allows you to turn any smartphone or tablet into a mobile scanner. The app is free and allows you to monitor attendee numbers into your event and sales stats to report back to any sponsors or partners on the spot if required. Download now and make your life easier on the day of your event, plus give your attendees a smooth, hassle free entry into the funfair!