August 21, 2014

On the frontline with Tim Barlow

Led by Grant Barrett, Head of Sales UK, our event development specialists are an integral part of ticketscript both in terms of internal culture and the service we offer clients. One of the team, a man whose character and personality brightens any room, is Senior Sales Manager Tim Barlow. Happy Mr Barlow describes himself as “Loyal, Tenacious and Competitive”.

Detail orientated and keen to fill the cracks, Tim is brimming with suggestions to improve companies’ ticketing. He talked us through how one company in particular, that has wholly embraced the ticketscript philosophy, has seen growth in ticket sales.

“There are examples that I would use to other people – the Dressage Convention, for example, have built a great site and ticketshop. Ticket buyers have found the experience very straight forward because the client tells them what to expect [in the buying process] and showed it to them clearly. So there are no hurdles, no upsets and no surprises in that journey. That’s very clever. Dressage are a fab client – they understood the benefits and even enhanced what we’ve already made, which is always great to see”

“Our platform is futuristic in a sense; it’s ahead of its time”. Having seen different technological advances affect the events industry, Tim discussed his thoughts on what trends we’re likely to see next:

“RFID will become more prevalent – I think paper ticketing in the next 10 years will disappear”. Also adding “and there’s presently no universal software or tool that says ‘put 50 posters there’, ‘create 500 flyers’, ‘is it social media optimised?’, ‘put a Facebook page together’, etc. If there was one thing like that, an all-in-one platform, maybe that’ll be the break.”

When asked what kind of events he sees particular value in, it’s no surprise that Tim shares ticketscript’s passion for diversity, independence and originality:

“I’ve been in the events industry for a long time [Tim previously worked for Ticketline], so I’ve seen events come and go. The events I’m most interested in are the unusual ones. My friend and I host boat parties on London’s canals, for example! Events that don’t come about very often, events that don’t get publicised where you’d expect – that’s the sort of event I like, where you stumble upon it like a secret or something underground, that sort of thing.”

A wizard with a ping pong bat and a man who’d name his lovely yacht “DUDE” Tim’s approach and infectious enthusiasm is what separates him from the rest.

If you’d like to ask Tim any questions or have any queries regarding ticketing or vacancies contact or call 0203 714 6975.

Raj Jilka