July 15, 2014

On the road with Toby: High Definition Festival

High Definition Festival is one of the UK’s biggest Electro / Dance events; 15,000 music lovers congregated in Tunbridge Wells this year. The artists showcased for 2014 included DJ Carl Cox, Marco Carola, Shy FX, Mistajam and Jay Orbison. It’s an event from which you’re pretty much guaranteed to leave with a smile. Toby Dier (UK Entrance Manager at ticketscript) described the experience as “Crazy, ridiculous, it was good fun.”

Organising entry for thousands of visitors at an outdoor venue could be a little challenging for some, but our man Toby Dier was on the case to lend his expertise. Now beardless, yet still retaining that irresistible charm, we spoke to Toby about his visit to Tunbridge Wells during his hectic schedule.

How did you manage the entrance experience at High Definition?
“It was a big entrance, encompassing a number of solutions, people had to work together in synergy to create a fast flowing entrance, this was done quite easily. We had people scanning, we had people wristbanding, people selling tickets, all being powered by our dashboard. Just seeing all that put together was terrific.”

“It was at a very remote location near Tunbridge Wells this year, to enable High Defintion to sell tickets on the day we had to some wifi from somewhere, we decided on satellite WiFi; after all “there’s a solution for everything”

What impact has this year’s new product, ticketbox, had on these events?
“Its affected our clients in a very positive way. They can now have the ability to sell tickets on the day from their dashboard allocation, which wasn’t a possibility before and it gives them the reconciliation needed for post event reporting. This was especially fantastic for HD.

Where to next?
Our Tobias is an extremely busy man. From coast to coast and city to city, Toby’s schedule as UK Entrance Manager is packed to say the least. With a number of stops to be made during this busy festival season, Toby’s a man who loves a good challenge.

“I’m looking forward to attending Brighton & Hove Pride. Again, its 46,000 people, entering the event within two hours, through six entrances, using multiple ticketboxes and, as always, the whole of Brighton is getting involved – it’s a big day!”

Finally, at our casa in Shoreditch, we were flabbergasted one morning to find Toby’s fantastically groomed beard had disappeared. Response to the obvious immediate questioning was somewhat positive: “It was getting a little bit too big for the summertime, it could make a winter return”. There’s hope yet.

By Raj Jilka