May 22, 2017

Our improved MailChimp integration

If you have a ticketscript account, you can connect a MailChimp account for free. This makes syncing your ticket sales data with your emailing list possible, with the data appearing in a Mailchimp list.

On Monday May 29 at 12PM the integration will be updated. If you already have a ticketscript account and have this connected to MailChimp, please read this article, because you need to take action.

Due to the update, all connections will be automatically deactivated. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to automatically connect the new integration and therefore we ask you to take action in the dashboard of your account.

You can find a list of FAQs at the bottom of this blog post.


Activate the new MailChimp integration

If you want to continue using Mailchimp with your ticketscript account, then please follow the step-by-step guide below to easily connect and activate the new integration.

Please allow up to  24 hours before all data is synced. And, just to be completely clear, by connecting you’ll make your data available for a third party, namely MailChimp. By connecting you automatically agree with this.


The difference between the current and the new Mailchimp integration

Are you curious about the improvement that this update will offer you? Below we’ll compare the two and show you the differences.




Log in to your MailChimp Dashboard and go to ‘Account’.


Go to ‘Extras’


Open ‘API keys’


Select the copy under ‘API key’ and copy it.  


Paste the copy in the MailChimp connect screen at ‘Step 4’.


Pick the correct list at ‘Step 5’.


Below you’ll find a couple of examples of the data that the current integration pushes to MailChimp.


VIEW 1 with CURRENT INTEGRATION: Manage contacts

Here the columns a.o. ‘e-mail’, ‘first name’, ‘last name’, ‘ticketscript (the groups per event as you are used to source)’ and ‘e-mail marketing (opt-in) are displayed.

VIEW 1 with NEW INTEGRATION: Manage contacts

Apart from the columns that you already had, you can now also see ‘Revenue’ (and if you scroll right you’ll see ‘Unsubscribed’ contacts). These do not count towards your MailChimp contact limit but will give you all email addresses of your visitors, plus the ticket buyers that have not opted-in.

VIEW 2 with the CURRENT INTEGRATION: View contact

Here you’ll see the same information as in VIEW 1, with some additional details including subscription date.

Under ‘E-commerce’ there’s no info available because that is not synced with the current integration.  With the new integration, this section will be active with data.



Why will the current integration be deactivated?

The current integration will no longer be supported by MailChimp. MailChimp is launching a new version of their API and to keep the connection from your ticketscript account we need to update our integration to be able to use the new version of the API. The current and new API integration is unfortunately not compatible. We are therefore required to transfer to the new version to make sure we can keep on syncing data with MailChimp.


Why do we need to (re)activate manually?

Since we will now also push financial data to MailChimp and we want to make sure that our customers agree with this we ask you to once again manually submit the API key. Furthermore it could also be possible that you have multiple API keys in MailChimp and in this way you can select the right key to connect.


What will happen to the sales data of active events after the connection is deactivated?

The data will not be lost. It will be saved on the ticketscript server and once you have activated the connection we will also sync that data. After the connection has been made you’ll have more data from us than you used to.


My event ended between the moment of deactivation and reactivation of the connection, what now?

No worries. Please contact your account manager. He/she will make sure that the data will be completely available in Mailchimp.


I have a feeling I am missing data, could that be possible?

Do you have the feeling  that you are missing data from one or multiple events? That could be true, but reconnecting by submitting the API key in the ticketscript dashboard should do the trick.  Please contact your account manager if you believe you are experiencing difficulties.


What do I need to know about the effects of the new integration?

The new integration will make the latest e-commerce functionalities that MailChimp offers available to you. This will enrichen your contact data, help you to better target with marketing activities, and will result in better sales performance.