July 16, 2015

Our latest developments in one handy list!

Want to be in control of your ticket design and want your event to go viral on Facebook? This is now possible with our latest developments. Give it a read, give it a try and let us know what you think!

New e-ticket design

We’ve given our e-tickets a makeover. New e-ticket designs are available for events on or after June 29th. Events created prior to June 29th will not have the new ticket design.

The latest update provides more freedom, making tickets appear more professional and making scanning easier and faster. Give it a try in the dashboard! Should you have further questions, feel free to contact your Account Manager for more information.


Increase the attendance list of Facebook events
Now that an event from your dashboard can be linked to your Facebook events, visitors are able to click ‘I’m going’ directly from the ticketshop, as well as through Facebook. Doing so will increase the amount of people attending on your list, your community and the viral impact of your event. Read our blog to see how to apply these.


Straight from your ticketshop to your Facebook fanpage

Fans who purchase tickets can now ‘like’ from the download page in the ticketshop. Here’s how to apply it to your page.


Your visitors lost their tickets? Not a problem

This annoying little problem now has a simple solution. Through this page, visitors ticket(s) can now be re-sent. Simply enter an email address and our system will instantly send the requested ticket(s).


Bob Nagel