January 13, 2017

Our top event technology predictions for 2017

We asked our intrepid marketing explorer from our Spanish team, Marta, to have a go at predicting some of the top event technologies we could see in 2017. Here’s her view…

Fewer things are more exciting than the start of a new year; a clean sheet upon which to draw, learn and experiment. We believe 2017 is bringing along new technologies and developments that will make your events bloom. Get ahead of the game and take a sneak peak on what the future holds and how to make the most of it!


1. Big Data, of course!

You know we love talking about data and how it ensures you to make the most of your event when using it. But what if I told you, you could also apply it to everyday situations that somehow affect your work too? Yes, big data will help you to outsmart traffic jams! In Spain there have been quite a few projects like LUCA, by major phone company Telefónica. By using their comms antennas they are able to track driver’s smartphones, which are continuously sending their location when surfing the net, texting or calling. Gathering this information allows us to know where are the main areas where drivers start and finish their journeys, identify the rush hours, encourage car sharing… Therefore, making it easier for you to plan an alternative route, share your car or depart after the main rush hour.


2. AR and VR

Yes, it seems we can finally call this the year of VR! With the release of Oculus Rift and the explosion of games such as Pokégom Go with more than 100 million downloads , it seems safe to say it’s happening. Have you considered adding VR and AR to your next event? It can be a mixture of a physical event with some vr actions or stepping ahead and launching a pure VR event. Program the best artists for people to enjoy from the comfort of their homes or engage them into a real adventure where they can discover the hidden gems of a city or the next groundbreaking artist. With the invention of the cardboard goggles, you know it’s a plus that everybody can now afford.


3. Robots taking over the marketing department

If you have a marketing team, reassure them no one is taking their jobs, au contraire! Automation has arrived to make their everyday jobs easier. Or if you are a one-man orchestra and have to do it all, you’ll be happy to know that the advanced technology will enable the automation of previously human-exclusive tasks. According to Forbes, “when automation is combined with machine learning, everything can improve even faster, so 2017 has the potential to be a truly landmark year”. It’s time to look into those automate programs that will help boosting your event such as ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp or Pardot.


4. Bluetooth 5.0: bigger, stronger, faster

Wireless technologies are now a part of our daily routines and with further development of the Internet of Things, it will only be greater. Yet they haven’t reached their full potential in many cases. Something that will change with the eruption of Bluetooth 5.0: twice as fast, 800% times improvement on data transmission vs Bluetooth 4.2 -the popular one on smartphones. Its energy consumption is less greater than its Wi-Fi brother. We will be hearing lots about it at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona soon enough.


5. Artificial Intelligence

Remember ‘Her” and how Joaquin Phoenix fell for a Siri-alike phone assistant? Well, it’s one step closer to become a reality. Machine learning has taken some massive strides forward in the past few years, even emerging to assist and enhance Google’s core search engine algorithm. But now we see how Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance have replaced 34 workers with artificial intelligence. The system can calculate payouts and policyholders, based on IBM’s Watson Explorer. Perhaps, soon enough you’ll be able to delegate white-collar tasks to robots or virtual assistants, saving you both time and money.
We still crave for Marty Mcfly’s hoverboard to be developed, but meanwhile, 2017 looks like a busy year where we could finally see VR and AR blossom, the gigantic steps taken in the world of automation, real-life situations where data can help you and your business and the rise of a better and faster connected world. Make sure you aren’t missing out and start using technology to make your events go to their next level. And hey, there will always be a human voice on the other side of the phone to help you to sell more for your events.