June 13, 2016

Part 2: 1, 2, 3 Periscope – the app that is moving fast and you should be using!

We’re back with Part 2 of our Periscope feature where we chatted with Lorena Yera, a.k.a Skumeta who is a Periscope mogul and had a lot of interesting knowledge to share on the live streaming app. We hope you find it useful and maybe even encourages you to give it a go at your next event.

If you missed Part 1 you can read it here

Be Real

There is still some reluctance to transparency. A video on youtube can be recorded in 4k, produced, edited, with carefully chosen frames … In the case of Periscope or Facebook Live where content is shared live, there will be errors and mistakes, not to mention criticism from users and viewers demanding an immediate response. Very few brands are willing to deal with this. But they will. I assure you.


Change the way to consume content. Join or disappear!

Social Live Streaming is altering the consumption of content by users. Releasing live footage of the backstage area of ​​a festival, or a Q&A session between artists and viewers, places the viewer in the hot seat and allows for a more realistic, humanised insight into a particular event or cultural scenario.

A local event can now have an international impact if it is broadcast live and finds it’s way into the comfort of someone’s home all in real time! A truly unique experience worlds apart. The possibilities are endless.


What do I share in Periscope?

Sharing the best content depends on your target audience. But generally speaking, I would suggest any stream should adhere to the following:

1) Be visually attractive

2) Generate an emotive response from the viewer

3) Give reason for a direct interaction with the user

4) Make it part of the wider (event) experience

It is not enough to make a single broadcast. You must produce regular content. In the same way that we don’t post a single tweet per month, we cannot deliver one live video and then leave the channel. Periscope needs a routine and an effort by the brand or individual to generate an audience and increase their community. I’d recommend establishing a schedule of content and commit to it.


Well, that’s a wrap from our friend Lorena! Do not miss Skumeta’s entries in Periscope and make sure you follow her to keep updated on the latest trends in the online world.