January 23, 2014

Payday Perks: 11 Tips for Timing Your Ticket Sales

Our promise to event organisers is simple: we will help them sell more tickets to their events. Doing so is a pretty obvious goal if you’re an event organiser. However, the means through which we and our clients achieve this goal aren’t always so obvious. In fact, we shouldn’t *really* be giving all this away so publicly… Quick, read it before we change our minds and take it down.

No matter how much our lives change at the hands of technology, there is one day the world’s workforce will forever look forward to every month above all others: payday. Exploiting this human truth is an age-old sales tactic. Here, we revisit it from the perspective of events promotion.

The general principle is straightforward: start selling tickets for your event towards the end of the month and ramp up promotion just before payday to get people buying tickets as soon as possible. Naturally, though, there is a little more to it than that – here are some things to consider:

1. A standard industry on-sale date for music events and festivals is 9am on a Friday morning – many music fans already know this, so it’s wise to take advantage.

2. Schedule your tickets to go on sale; don’t rely on putting your tickets on sale manually. Advertise the on-sale date and time thoroughly, with plenty of notice. With ticketscript, you can schedule when your tickets go on sale when setting up your event, simply edit the ‘Onsale date and time’ information under the ticket tab.

3. Offer an incentive to buy tickets early on, such as opening up ticket sales to an exclusive closed group before general sale begins – perhaps subscribers to your newsletter or even through a like-gate on Facebook (controversial).

4. Get your ticketshop live before payday! Your customers are only human – they’re more likely to have the financial means and enthusiasm to purchase tickets right after they’ve been paid. Trust us, it works.

5. Make use of ‘early bird’ pricing. Offering a special deal or slightly cheaper tickets for a short window of time at the start of ticketing will not only encourage early ticket sales, but will help promote your event when word begins to spread. Further reading: Check out Kelvin Newman’s rather cerebral post on event promotion and how we feel “the pain of loss much more acutely than the pleasure of gain”.

6. Increase the amount of promotion for your event on all social media just before payday. This should always include a clear ticketshop link so your customers know exactly where to go to purchase their ticket.

7. Ensure your Facebook ticketshop is up and running. Read our blog on how to connect your Facebook ticketshop.

8. Create a Facebook event and add the ticketshop URL in the ‘buy tickets’ box. For more information read our blog on the buy tickets button Facebook introduced in 2013.

9. Alternatively, using your ticketscript URL ticketshop link in statuses will ensure that the portion of your Facebook audience accessing your page by mobile will also be able to purchase tickets. To find your ticketshop URL, log into your dashboard, click on the ticketshop tab and select the third icon to the right of your ticketshop channel. The URL link will be displayed in the 4th text box, simply copy and paste the link.

10. Everyone’s on Twitter these days – it’s a good way to reach into new and different circles if you handle it smartly. Tweet your URL link with vital event information.

11. Release exciting extra information about your event along with a ticketshop link to grab your target audience’s attention.

Follow these tips on ticket sales and get your event selling tickets earlier.

By Dominick Soar