April 05, 2012

Pre event checklist

We\’ve put together a list of useful things that you need to check off prior to your event.

  • Event Onsale – As soon as event details are confirmed build your event in the dashboard and connect to all channels (website, Facebook, and event app)
  • Let your customers know! – Promote your event via your Facebook fan page and Twitter using status updates, profile images… see our marketing tips
  • Request your ticketshop QR code from your Account Manager and add to your printed flyers and posters, be sure to say buy your tickets via our website and include your website address
  • Email your flyers to your database of previous bookers and newsletter subscribers. Use MailChimp to pimp your communications and create fun and eye catching messages. Don’t forget to include your website address, facebook page and big ‘Buy Tickets’ buttons
  • SMS Marketing – Use mobile numbers collected to inform your followers about your upcoming events via their mobiles using our SMS marketing tool in the dashboard. Your mobile ticketshop is now live giving you access to another fantastic ticketing tool
  • Guest List – Send invitations to your guests so that all your VIPs have their own customised scannable ticket
  • Keep on Selling – Your events are defaulted to come off-sale 3 hours prior to your door opening time. If possible push your off-sale time back closer to your start time. People will always be rushing to purchase tickets at the last minute!
  • Entrance Management – Keep an eye on your sales following your marketing activity, if you have hit sales of 300 tickets or more have a chat with your Account Manager about scanning kit. Otherwise you can print off an Entrance List from the ticketscript dashboard