December 04, 2012

Promote Your Event On Google+

Google+ is a great platform on which to promote your events. Whether you are an event company or an event planner running single events, Google+ is a great platform to promote your event. Learn how it works!

You will need to create a new page:

Set Up Your Event and Add Your Ticketshop URL

In Google+ there is a designated events area for event listings on your profile. Add as much information as possible for each event. To create an event, click on the Events tab on the left of your screen and click Create Event. Upload an image for your event by clicking on Change Theme’ then selecting Upload on the left hand column.

Fill in the information required and click Invite. You can add the URL link to your ticketscript ticketshop in the event options area by clicking on Event Options > Advanced > Show Additional Fields. This brings up additional text boxes, one of which is ticket seller URL. Post your ticketshop URL here. Your ticketshop link will display as Tickets:(ticketshop address) above the location on the event window.

Your Profile

  • Make yourself instantly recognisable using your tagline and profile picture. If you have specific logos for separate events, upload them as the theme image for your event. This way customers will be able to look at your list of events and instantly find the one they want.
  • Your profile should contain all the important information regarding address, contact details and specifics such as parking etc. Information relating to specific events (for example times and age restrictions) can be added in the event adding stage.
  • Every time you post information about an event, direct your customers and followers to your Events page.
  • Interaction and engagement is extremely important. Start circle debates and answer all direct customer queries quickly. If you find you have frequently asked questions, add this information to the profile or the event listing.
  • Make each update public to reach more people. The more people you allow to see your statuses and profile the bigger your outreach.
  • Post at the best time for your target audience. This could be during the working day for professionals, or in the evening for students and youth events.
  • Post that people can also buy tickets on your website and facebook fan page. Give customers as many opportunities as possible to buy tickets.


  • The On Air option allows anyone to find and view your event. To make your event On Air go to Event Options > Advanced > select On Air Event.
  • Each event page gives you the option to post statuses and pictures. Keep posting about your event right up to the event itself. After the event, encourage customers to comment on their experience.
  • Upload photos from past events. Making your events public will allow customers to upload their own photos from your event.
  • Plan your content and send out regular updates. In the run up to your event, build up the excitement by posting pre-event statuses.
  • Always post breaking news. If any information about the event changes, inform your customers immediately.


You can invite entire circles to your events, as well as individuals. To invite people to your event simply type their names into the invite box when creating the event. Alternatively you can click the Invite More link on the event. This option lists your circles on the left hand side of the window. To invite everyone select your circle and click Select This Circle. Click the Invite button at the bottom of the window to complete the invitation.

You can also invite using email addresses. Do do this, start typing the email address into the Invite More People search bar. A tab will appear titled Enter Email Address. Click on this tab, enter the email address and press enter. This will create a new tab with the email address readily selected. Click Invite to complete the process as before.

Build Up Contacts

  • Build up as many contacts as possible. Encourage people to visit your profile and join circles. Google ranking ensures that the more followers you gain, the higher your ranking. This will increase the probability of new customers finding your profile, and therefor your account.
  • Post your Google+ profile URL everywhere you can, including Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and your website. The more people you can encourage to visit your profile the more chance you have that they will join your circles.
  • Adding a Google+ button to your website, mobile site and newsletter will also help draw people to your profile. You can do this by going to your dashboard, clicking on Reports > Export Data and completing the form to customise the information you need. Ensure the type is set to e-mail addresses and click Export.
  • You can also build up contacts using your ticketscript dashboard. Export your ticket buyer email address information and add them to build up your circles.
  • Build circles with influential people and customers. Having separate circles for customers will allow you to select circles to invite to future events.

By Helen Whitcher