December 12, 2012

Rates and Payments Explained

Learn more about tariffs and payments. What is the service fee? When and how will the event organiser be paid?


The ticket buyer pays a very low service fee to ticketscript of £ 1.50 (inclusive of VAT). For this, ticketscript provides a unique e-ticket, or m-ticket. There is also an additional fee from the payment provider. ticketscript includes this in one simple fee that the ticket buyer sees at the point of ticket purchase. For more information on what is included in our service, depending on the number of tickets sold, visit:


Event organisers will be paid within 5 days of the event taking place. If you have an event taking place on multiple dates, the payment will take place 5 days after the last event date. This is the same for continuous events. The payment will be made to the event organisers personal bank account, the information for which should be added to your account through the dashboard. To do this, hover the mouse over Settings at the top of the dashboard page and click Bank Information. Add your information to the text boxes, ensuring that your sort code contains no spaces or dashes.

By Helen Whitcher