November 05, 2015

Remember Remember These 5 Things in November

‘Remember, remember, the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot.
We see no reason why Gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.’ It’s safe to say that Guy Fawkes made a mark in history and will most definitely never be forgotten. Thanks to Guy we’ve maintained the tradition of fireworks, bonfires and barrel carrying every year since the end of the 18th century. We took a stride through Guy’s journey and the traditions surrounding it and realised a few things event organisers could learn from Guy. So, here they are:


1. A light display always makes an impact. Whether you’re throwing firework displays or beaming lasers around a dark nightclub, a light or visual display will often create an inspiring and creative atmosphere. If you’re laying low on the decorations this year it’s definitely worth throwing in some lighting.


2. Don’t shout about your idea before it’s fully planned. Well, we all know things didn’t turn out very well for Mr Guy. Perhaps if he hadn’t shared his thoughts and ideas with such a big group he would have been able to execute his plan (but good thing he didn’t). So remember, plan, plan, plan and surprise people. Give people the unexpected.


3. Tradition brings people together. Every year, throughout the UK, people get together and huddle around massive bonfires whilst enjoying traditional food and listening to live entertainment. So, don’t forget to add some familiarity to your events, something people can emotionally connect with.



4. Offer something different. Hastings isn’t the only one to stand out in the bonfire crowd. Apart from being known for throwing the largest firework display, the Edenbridge Display’s known for its celebrity villain effigies.

Let’s not forget the flaming tar barrels in Ottery St Mary, which are to be carried by teams of stalwart men until the barrel burns to ashes. Whether you’re offering a bonfire night or a Christmas party find something that gives your event an extra little twinkle.



5. Be prepared for the worst. Guy didn’t seem to have a backup or an escape route as a matter of fact. If things aren’t going to plan make sure you have another option. Is your event not getting the amount of attendees you’d hoped for or has an artist cancelled on you? Think of the other options you can fall on, such as promotional activity or supporting entertainment.


So, whether you’re planning Guy Fawkes’ celebrations of your own or prepping for the Christmas festivities, apply these tips and you’ll be flying. One last thing, don’t forget to organise your entrance management to avoid queuing disasters. It’s easy – just use our Flow app!