November 12, 2015

Say Bye to Boring Fairs and Exhibitions

Whether you’re responsible for the marketing department of a large company, or a one-man band running a business, being present at industry fairs and exhibitions could be key to enhancing your brand image. We’ve remained true to our DIY philosophy and executed some ideas that don’t require large budgets, and that create that wow factor we’re all looking for. Below, you can see examples and results of the ideas we’ve implemented at Amsterdam Dance Event in the Netherlands, BIME in Spain and Reeperbahn in Germany.

Cool and useful merchandising

How many branded pens have you collected so far? How many times have you read a company brochure? Don’t get sucked into these typical promotional packages, but instead think of ways to do more with less. Think about what you need to achieve. Provide your audience with something useful, like branded mobile chargers or raincoats if your event is outdoors.


A stand that stands out

If you’re exhibiting your brand and its products or require a client meeting area, don’t just put up a typical stand. There are three things that always work in the world of events: free food, free drink and good live music. We took on board all three options, but the most effective and fun one was creating a waffle stand at the Locations Fair in Germany. We had loads of hungry attendees coming to visit our stand and sitting down at our seating area to enjoy their hot waffles and tickestcript banter.

locations fair stand


Explore your fun side

Stand out from your competition and be sure to leave the entire crowd speechless . If you’re a festival organiser, bring some of your artists to play on a bus at the entrance of the event or if you prefer, invite your potential audience to hop on a boat for a drink, like we did for Amsterdam Dance Event. This year, we went above and beyond and provided a relaxation area at BIME, where guests were invited for some ‘speed meetings’ and massages.

bime massage


Relevant content

Try and apply for speaking opportunities if any of the topics cover your expertise. Alternatively,  propose themes that will position you as a leader in your sector. In our case, we decided to tackle the virtual reality (VR) space and its impact on events. We brought over VR experts to talk to event organisers about its perks and got our Head of Product to accompany those talks by talking about the future of events. Over a thousand people have already taken our virtual reality goggles home and have been part of the VR experiences we provided.



Don’t be afraid
It’s quite clear the key to success is to stand out, but not at any cost. Always keep in mind quality and make sure to understand your audience in order to know what to offer them. Provide relevant content, original branding and experiential stunts. Don’t be afraid to do something different to the norm. There’s no need to put your brand logo everywhere. Just find a way of giving people positive associations with your brand and positioning it as innovative, fun and an expert in its field.


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