November 20, 2015

Say Farewell to 2015 with a Banging NYE Event

New Year’s Eve, that time of the year where everyone’s in a pickle as to what to do, but where last minute planning is a definite no no, and early commitments are necessary. Having sold £4.3 million worth of tickets for NYE 2014, we’re confident the tips below will have this year’s NYE event bidding 2015 farewell in top fashion and without any major party fouls.

Make your event more social

Connect your Facebook event to your ticketshop. This will show ticket buyers which of their friends are attending your event during their purchase journey.


Reward your loyal customers

The festive season is a time of tradition and presents. It’s the ideal time to reward your loyal ticket buyers with an additional free ticket after buying one. Ensure they only get the reward after sharing this via social media.


Incentivize early purchases

Learn who your loyal customers are and send them an email informing them of early access to tickets before they go live on sale to the public.


Get sponsors on board

Give your event more life with more budget. Find the ideal sponsor, who in turn will also promote your event. You can also use your ticket design to provide advertising for sponsors. For more information on approaching sponsorship, check out this blog. If you’d like to get cracking on your new ticket design, we’ve got the instructions all set up for you right here.


Get started

Over 55% of NYE events in 2014 went on sale prior to December 1st. That means one thing, and one thing only:  set up your event straight away and you’ll quickly be turning that Hogmanay into Hog-money. You can do this via your dashboard, or if you don’t have one sign up with us now. By doing this, you give yourself ample time to focus on the other important event details, such as promotion and production.


Make entrance management smoother

Use our ticketbox for on the door ticket sales and to know exactly how many people visited the event. Use our entrance management app, Flow, to scan tickets and tick attendees off the guest list in seconds.


Ready to get your working on your New Year’s Eve event?