June 13, 2013

Sections – what are they and how do you create them?

When creating an event in the ticketscript dashboard, you’ll come across a field at the bottom of the first event set-up page called ‘sections (optional)’. This field should be used when you’re sectioning off your event site and selling different tickets for areas; for example, at a concert venue you might have stalls section and general standing and you’d like to sell separate tickets for these areas.

This field is optional to fill in and it’s important to note that it shouldn’t be used for different tiered ticket types. You can create different tiered tickets in the ‘Tickets’ tab of the event set-up process.

To add a section to your event, log in to the ticketscript dashboard. Click on ‘Events’ in the top-menu bar and then click on the ‘Add Event’ button or the edit button (pencil icon) if you’ve already created your event. Within the ‘Event’ tab of your event set-up process, you will see sections at the bottom of the page. If you do need to sectioned off your event site, you can add this here. Name your section (eg. “Grand Circle”, “Balcony” or “Stall”) and click on the yellow button “Add”. The created sections can then be edited by clicking on the edit (pencil) icon or be removed by clicking on the delete icon. You can edit the subtitle, description or give a section a certain allocation.

When you have created several sections it’s also possible to allocate a certain section to a specific date or to keep that section out of sale for a given date. You can manage this on the Grid field within Sections or in the ‘Tickets’ tab under ‘onsale date and time’. Don’t forget to click ‘Save’ after you have filled in all your details.

Don’t forget to add the sections within the ticket types you’d like to sell. If you have already created your ticket types, click on the ‘Tickets’ tab of the event-set up process, click on ‘Edit Ticket’ on your desired ticket type, and on the field labelled ‘Section’, select the relevant section you’d like for that ticket type. If you’re creating a new ticket type, select the section available next to the ‘Name’ field.