March 01, 2016

Setting up remarketing using Google Adwords

You can create remarketing lists using Google Adwords and target these audiences through Google search and the Google display network.

This is an article about setting up remarketing to use with your website and ticketshop. See here for an introduction to remarketing.

Please note that to complete this process you need to have connected your Google Analytics account with the dashboard – here’s how.

Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the concept of remarketing, here’s how to go about setting it up:

1. Login into your Google Adwords account and click on the ‘Shared library’ link in the left hand navigation. Then click on ‘Audiences’.

2. Once in this menu you’ll see a box in the top right hand corner called ‘Remarketing tag’. There will also be a button that says ‘View tag details’ – click this. You’ll see a pop-up and in the top right hand corner of this click ‘setup’.

3. Within this window you’ll see two options for the tag for websites and the tracking ID for mobile apps. Open the top option to see the Google remarketing tag. The tag is quite large and you need to look for the conversion ID. This is normally on the third row of the tag. It’s a parameter called ‘var google_conversion_id=xxxxxxxxxx’. Copy the code after the ‘=’ sign. This is your unique conversion code.

4. Now go to the connect page of your ticketscript account. In the Google Analytics box you’ll see a field to paste this code. Once saved you can go back to Adwords to build your lists.

5. To build an audience you can simply go back into your Google Analytics account to the ‘Admin’ tab.

Once there, click on Audience Definitions -> Audiences -> ‘New Audience’.

6. The first audience we recommend building to target is one which collects users that have visited your shop but have not purchased a ticket. To do this, you first must select the View and Account you wish to link this audience to i.e. your main GA view and AdWords account.

Next you will be asked to define this audience. Select ‘Users who visited a specific section of my site’ and then ‘Conditions’.

Under Conditions you can select the following:

Audience builder


You can then name this audience and save it.

This will create a list in your AdWords account that have visited your ticketshop, but have not purchased a ticket – the perfect audience for remarketing.

You can now target this audience with your adwords ppc and display campaigns.

If you have any questions or need help setting up remarketing within your dashboard or Google accounts please do not hesitate to get in touch with your account manager or a member of our digital acquisition team.

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By Shane Mansfield