December 21, 2015

Show Your Attendees You Care this Christmas

As we enter the Christmas holidays it’s time to get your festive hat on and meet the expectations of your beloved event attendees. There is an abundance of mince pies, Christmas chocolates and bubbles currently being served in most work offices and sites, so why not try and create something a little different to impress the socks (or stockings) off your attendees?

Send Christmas vibes

For those who have already purchased tickets to your event why not let them know you care by sending a personalised email full of Christmas cheer. If you’re selling tickets online then you should be able to access your customer’s email address or if you’re using ticketscript you can link your account to MailChimp which makes emailing simple. Set the email for the morning of December 25th so you’re the first to wish your attendees a Merry Christmas. Why not include a small gift while you’re at it? This could be anything from a voucher code to receiving a free drink when they attend your event or a free upgraded ticket if you have a tiered ticketing model. Customer loyalty is hugely important and this is one step you can take to ensuring they keep coming back for more in the years to come.


Tailor your tickets

For those who purchase tickets to your event in the lead up to Christmas and New Year why not make a little effort and send these folk a special, customised e-ticket with an image of big man coming down the chimney, rudolph and the gang or maybe a picture of your event staff dressed up as elves?… you’re choice! We’ve made it easy to customise e-tickets so log on to your dashboard and upload that Christmas image now so you can show those that buy tickets during one of the most expensive weeks of the year that you really do care.


The alternative Christmas playlist

We all love Christmas jingles but let’s be honest, Cliff Richards’ Christmas hits can get a little stale after being on repeat for 4 weeks leading up to the big day. Dig a little deeper and find some alternative Christmas songs that you can share with your event attendees across your social channels. Jump onto Spotify and start adding! If the playlist is interesting enough then your attendees might just share it throughout their social networks, thus increasing your reach without you having to do too much. Content is king and this is a great way for you to develop curated content that engages attendees and promotes your brand name.


There will literally be thousands of event organisers, brands and public figures wishing everyone a Merry Christmas via their social channels so you need to stand out. Try to avoid the cliches and put a little extra thought into how you want to get your Christmas cheer across. Be creative, personable and most important of all, genuine to your event brand.