May 09, 2013

Surviving The Festival Season

Festival season is upon us again and here at ticketscript we’ve put our heads together to come up with a useful guide for your ticket buyers. Make sure your customers are prepared to take on a summer of festivals! Feel free to share, copy and use!

Before The Festival
PLAN!!! Don’t create yourself an hour-by-hour schedule, but it always pays to do a little research about your festival. Check out the rules, what you are and aren’t allowed to take onto the site with you. Think about what you really need. Overpacking will just make your life more difficult, but forgetting something essential (like underwear) will make your life an unnecessary misery. Try and keep everything cheap, theft isn’t unheard of at festivals. Where possible, take disposable items. Pack light and use travel toiletries, and remember you’re only there for a few nights.

Festival Apps
Weather apps: Stay one step ahead of the weather by using your phoned forecast application, or downloadable apps such as Weather Bug.
Tent Finder: Location apps will be a lifesaver when the late night tent hunt sets in.
Festival Ready: Find your friends and your accommodation with this useful app.
Facebook and Twitter: Festivals often have live information feeding constantly to their social media sites. Find out what things are happening, important information and get live updates using their pages on major social sites.

Top 10 Things To Pack
1. Something recognisable for your tent. Losing your bed for the night isn’t going to be a pleasant experience.
2. Cash! Keep it with you at all times in a secure hidden pocket. Cash machine lines at festivals are horrendously long and often run out.
3. Plastic bags, and lots of them. They are a great multi-purpose tool, as a seat, an umbrella and, of course, a bag.
4. Empty water bottles can reduce the amount spent on overpriced bottled water. There is often a free water source you can refill at.
5. A disposable poncho will be a lifesaver when the great British weather throws a surprise shower your way.
6. Dry clothes are a must. If you do happen to get soaked, the last thing you want is to be stuck in soggy clothes. Not only are wet clothes most unpleasant to wear, you’ll smell like soggy mould for the rest of the festival.
7. Wet wipes are a must! You might be dulling down on personal hygiene, but a tiny wet wipe wouldn’t go amiss for a quick freshen up every now and again.
8. Essential festival technology: A torch will help you find your tent. A light or disposable camera will capture images of your crazy weekend but won’t weigh you down. Take spare batteries!
9. Mobile phone!!! Stay in touch with your friends and travel companions. Remember, mobile batteries don’t last forever. Turn off all unnecessary features and keep the vibrate off to conserve power. Or alternatively, there are travel chargers you can purchase which will help you stay connected at all times!
10. Always use protection! That means earplugs, sun cream and of course condoms!

Things To Do
Remember, the main stage is only one part of the festival, there are many other exciting things to explore and discover. You may even pick up a new passion along the way.
Main Stage: Check out all the headline acts, it might be a once in a lifetime chance to see them live.
Check out smaller stages: Lesser known and upcoming bands often book spot on supporting stages and smaller tents around the festival. You might find your new favourite band.
Pop-Up Performances: Festivals are renowned for little pop up improvised jams. Join in, experience that festival feeling and dive in!
Stalls: Festivals often invite other businesses along to run arts, crafts and performance stalls. Check out everything, you never know what you might find.

Stay safe. Not everyone at festivals is well meaning. Don’t leave valuables in your tent, a mere padlock isn’t going to stop someone stealing them. Don’t accept drinks (or anything else) from strangers. Remember, the toilet facilities aren’t luxury, so that lone bottle you see probably won’t be filled with beer.

Signal at remote locations can sometimes be temperamental. Remember where your friends are are try to stay together. Dress for comfort, you’re not going to the Ritz, you’ll most likely be trudging through mud. Lots of thin layers and a backpack means you’ll be prepared for sun, cloud, wind and rain.

The most important thing to remember, you are there to enjoy yourself so experience as many different things as possible. Jump in, join in and HAVE FUN!!!

By Helen Whitcher