March 25, 2014

The benefits of using an i-frame to embed your ticketshop

ticketscript provides several solutions for publishing a ticketshop for your event. I’m going to examine my favourite way of connecting the ticketshop and explain why it’s so good to use…

The i-frame

If you don’t know what an i-frame is, it’s like a window or portal between your site and our ticketshop – essentially it embeds a bit of another website onto your own. So it enables the ticketscript ticketshop to present itself directly on your site as if it’s part of it.

You can find the i-frame code in the ‘Ticketshop’ tab of the dashboard. Select the chain button on the channel you wish to embed and in the first box on the page is your i-frame code.

Looking at the other options available on the embed page, you’re probably thinking that just using a quick URL link is the easiest option, but you’ll miss out on these advantages:

Keep your buyers on your site

Through our own ticket buyer survey we know that ticket buyers want to buy directly from you. Not from us, or any other ticketing provider, but from you. By having the ticketshop on your site it reinforces ticket buyer trust, makes them more likely to convert and keeps them on your site. That last point is important because…


Often seen as a dark art and overwhelmingly technical, Search Engine Optimisation is important to your sites visibility on the web. The bottom line is that the more people who visit your site, and stay on your site, the more likely it is that Google will rank you on that important page 1 of its search results. Ranking highly in Google will increase your organic traffic (i.e. non-paid, like through ads) and therefore your ticket sales. How will you check this? Well I’m glad you asked…

Analytics Connect

By using the i-frame you’ll open a world of data that will enable you to tell exactly who came from where, and how many tickets they purchased (read more here). You may well already be using Google Analytics, however if you aren’t it’s very easy to start.

Once you have your Google Analytics* account set up:

  1. Copy and paste your account ID into the dashboard in the ‘Connect’ menu (this is located in the drop down menu found in the top right hand corner of the dashboard)
  2. Enable e-commerce tracking in Google Analytics settings
  3. Then just go to the ‘campaigns’ menu and you’ll see all your data, including ticket sales!

*You have to use Universal Analytics.

So, to sum up, i-frames are my favourite ticketshop implementation because:

  • It looks like your site and helps convert more ticket buyers
  • It helps you rank higher in Google, which drives more ticket buyers to your site
  • It enables you to see where customers have come from and how much they’ve spent

Try it out, and once you start selling more tickets I’m sure the i-frame will be your favourite implementation too!

By Shane Mansfield