September 20, 2015

The #dos and #dont’s of creating an event hashtag

Want to get your event trending on social media but don’t know where to begin? We’ve got you covered. Here are the dos and don’ts of creating a successful viral hashtag.

#Don’t rush it

If you really want your event to be a hit online, it’s worth taking time to create the perfect hashtag. Draw up a list of ideas and ask your friends or colleagues for their suggestions.

#Do make it unique

Check that similar hashtags aren’t already in use – you don’t want posts about your hot new club night being confused with a petition for Harry Styles to be the next Magic Mike.

#Don’t date it

Although including a date in your hashtag makes it crystal clear when your event is happening, this information can cause content to age. Create something timeless to keep social media buzzing.

#Do make it memorable

Your hashtag will be plastered all over your event and, with a bit of luck, will also be used to discuss it afterwards. Make sure your tag is easy to remember so the occasion won’t be forgotten.

#Do play it safe

Sure, you want it to be memorable, but make sure that’s for the right reasons. Double-check that your hashtag can’t be misread to avoid any #susanalbumparty-style mishaps.

#Do make it short

Users only have 140 characters to play with when tweeting. Make sure your hashtag is snappy so guests can use the rest of their characters to rave about your epic event.

#Don’t limit it to Twitter

Use your new hashtag in every Facebook, Tumblr or Instagram post and include it on event branding to get people talking. Getting your hashtag trending can take some work, but you can make life easier by spreading the load across several platforms.


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